New App Layout

I’ve become aware of the new app layout and given it a go. I turned it off straight away.

It is that bad.

I get it that some people might like it and that is fine, but if this becomes compulsory I will seriously consider moving to another bank.

The core differentiator for Monzo has always been the quality of the app experience vs legacy banks.

But this ruins it. It presents a confusing and ugly mess of an initial screen that gets in the way of getting to the screens you actually want to see.

I have different bank accounts for a reason. I don’t WANT to see them all together. If I did, I’d have a single account. A single stream of transactions is confusing and has no value at all as far as I can see.

If I did want to see all the accounts together, that was always there by dragging downwards.

When I start the app, I do not want to start with seeing everything mashed together in an ugly, consuming eyesore of a screen.


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