New Debit Card Activation Issue

Got my shiny new debit card this morning made start of my weekend bright :slightly_smiling_face: but couldn’t activate and getting this… :confused:

Anyone else with the same issue this morning… I am sure I am not alone to get debit card today go check your post :grin:

Just wondering if I should wait till Monday or take some drastic action and call that number at the back of the card

The CA only has a limited support team that works 9-6 on weekdays so please wait until Monday to follow up on this.

I’m sure it’s frustrating but this is one of the limitations of the preview.

You could try deleting the app & reinstalling it in the meantime..

Cheers @alexs I understand. It seems I am not alone so hopefully, we will get some update on this soon

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Mine came today but I have the same problem - it won’t let me activate it :pensive:

That really sucks. Mine activated fine :frowning:

Just wondering if it’s Android issue. Are you on iOS or Android @sarahrcj @Pipefish

I’m on Android, could be the problem

I’m on Android too. An S8 with 7.0

Tried to activate my current account card on iOS and apparently it’s an invalid number. Disappointing!IMG_2512

I’ve potentially been lucky then! I guess the whole idea of this is to find out this stuff before releasing to the masses.

Still - I am very glad mine worked.

(Not sure how long the white lettering is gong to last on these cards - have a look at the back of your insert!)


I activated mine on iOS about an hour ago, no problems.

Activated mine an hour or two ago, no problems.

So me being bit impatient contacted Monzo team and got this reply. I would advise not to bother them I have apologised again because I think in preview period we can expect these glithes.
Hope it gets sorted though can’t wait to flash my Monzo debit card over the weekend :smile:


This means it’s not platform specific because I am on Andriod 7 as well but couldn’t activate

I’m so pleased I’ve not been selected for the CA Preview as it means I don’t have these issues.

No. Wait. :confused:

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Hi everyone! Sorry to hear some of you are having issues with activating your cards. If you could reach out via the in-app chat, we’ll be happy to look into it for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks @nathaniel and everyone in the team for hard work on Saturday. I have just been able to activate my card. Hope it’s sorted for everyone. :clap::clap:

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Mines working now too :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Hi guys,

Just got my Current Account card through the post but I can’t get through the set-up process. I get an error saying the number entered is incorrect. I’ve tried both via manually typing and using the camera scan method.

Is this a common/known issue? Thought it would be worth reporting it here.