Account closed - unable to re-activate

(Nick Scurr) #1

I signed up for Monzo back in the pre-paid days but never used it - as such the account was closed. I wanted to come back now that it has a fully fledged UK UK current account however I am running into issues with the app.

When I log in there is a message at the bottom of the screen saying ‘We’ve stopped your card - tap here to activate your new card’. When I do this there is a message saying We’ve closed your account and that I have to setup a new account. However I cannot do that using the details from my previous account so I’m stuck in a loop.

Monzo have sent me a new card however it is useless without being able to login to the app - help!


Oh no! If you tap through the creating an account process this should lead you to the activation page! Let me know if that works

(Nick Scurr) #3

This worked thankyou! Had to fudge my way through a bit as it was showing different errors but got there in the end!


Awesome! Sorry that it wasn’t clearer!