Activating Holographic card

I can’t activate my new holographic card and have no in app chat anymore. Don’t think I’ll be keep plus for very long and I’m questioning switching from Monzo for the first time too

Why can’t you activate it? What happens?

Says we’re unable to activate this card at this time

Search ‘contact us’ in support.

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Complete speculation - but I wonder if they have temporarily paused activations for security while they investigate this faulty packaging situation?


Surely they would put a notification in-app for that, rather than just stopping it happening and causing more support queries?


They’re not doing right well with these plus account :sweat_smile:

Can’t activate mine either

To in app chat I go

Is anyone else’s card super flimsy? Mines already almost snapped just taking it out of the already opened packaging

This topic may be off more relevance ^^ Monzo Plus Card Thoughts?

(Should be sliding up not pulling out) :innocent:

Funnily enough mine was already open too

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In a very unscientific test that I’ve just performed, it feels about the same strength as my old card

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That’s interesting! Maybe I got an off cut😂 my old card is super firm and hard to wobble but this one wobbles more than I did on crutches with just little pressure😕

Let’s face it they are likely one of the cheapest cards you could get… but equally I bet a large proportion only use Apple or Google Pay, then another large proportion don’t care about the card feeling a bit cheap. So can’t really blame Monzo.

For something intended to make payments with, I can’t say I’ve ever rigorously judged cards on quality. They live in my wallet then get put in or on the occasional machine and then go back in the wallet again. I haven’t found one that can’t cope with that yet.


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