New app awful?

What have they done to the app! Completely un usable

Boy, I love me some constructive criticism


I think it’s pretty good :+1:


You should have a look at the thread below and post feedback on there. Maybe saying more than it is un usable and explaining why would help.


Think op and I must have met earlier


Haha, humanity is doomed


I want the sumary/budget page to be in a tab of its own right, to be MORE prominant. Not less! It is the top reason I use monzo as a university student - to help me budget by seeing the money i allocate myself in my budget easily.

I don’t like it that they’ve hidden away this feature to the top corner - I think it should be the first page you open on!


What on Earth is this…looks like a step back :sob::sob::sob:


What don’t you like about it?

Tap on the progress bar under your balance or tap the pie chart

Both bring you to summary

The old app was easier to navigate. Simple plan. And basic. This looks like it’s a beta app which undoes the simplicity of the old app. The home page looks like it’s accidentally hiding whatever is behind it. Let’s go back


Right now I prefer the last style however I’m sure I’ll get used to it


I also didn’t like it at the beginning but having tested the new layout for a few months now and then seeing my mates phone I can really see the improvements.

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It took me a week or 2 to get used to it, now I prefer it. Use it for a while and see what you think then?

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Thanks, I didn’t know pressing the progress bar did that. I did see the pie chart icon.

My main problem with it is I don’t think it is as intuitive as it was. Swiping left and right was intuitive - tapping icons in the top corners to take you to different pages isn’t in my view :frowning:

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I think the profile and settings menus are going to get a bit more attention, I’m still looking all over the place for things like limits

Try a down swipe on the main page. That counters one of the issues.

Bruno has discussed at length a tighter integration of summary with the rest of the app.

Its been around for ages and has had a lot of positive feedback in testing. In future, get involved in the testing so you can voice your concerns


Haven’t tried it yet, but if it allows easy access to the important stuff like balance and statement, then the rest don’t really matter.

You have to change to make things better, but nobody likes change.

A lot of concerns that are now being raised were raised during the beta.