The Monzo app is changing: we've had a makeover!

We’ve outgrown our current app, and it’s time to shake things up. So we’ve built a new-look app that makes it easier to see what Monzo can do for you, and leaves plenty of room for where we’re going!


I’m getting a 404 on that link

EDIT: It’s working now :slight_smile:


Fantastic work by @bruno and the entire team.


It’s been wonderful seeing the process, taking on board feedback from the community, which has led to Monzo 3.0. Really excited for everything that’s coming next :hot_coral_heart:


This is very exciting. I was a pre-paid customer and the journey through to today is remarkable. The whole structure and functionality of the app has greatly improved particularly greater visibility of my money. Exciting times ahead :eyes:


Happy days! Well done Monzo for getting this implemented and taking all the feedback from the community on board. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

:eyes: Salary sorter :soon:


Dark mode?


Great work guys :raised_hands:t2:


Will joint accounts be part of this makeover? There often doesn’t seem to be ‘feature parity’ between personal and joint accounts… Fingers crossed it will also apply to joint. Thanks

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Joint accounts are part of this makeover - there should be greater parity between singular and joint accounts in the future :crossed_fingers:


We’re not done yet. We have some new features that we’ll be releasing soon; keep an eye out for a blog post from our CEO Tom next week.



The main reason I left the Beta was the transition between Personal and Joint account.
Using the pull down function was annoying to me as I had to scroll down to find the Joint account before clicking. Tapping is much easier than scrolling.

It’s good to see that using the home button now can allow you to ‘quickly’ switch between accounts. In reality it really should be much quicker. There’s no need for the quick scroll animation through all the pots to get between the accounts.

Also, there is no need to have the ‘Things Monzo can do for you’ tab included in the loop transition between accounts. There also needs to be a way to dismiss or hide this tab. Once it’s been viewed there’s no need for to stay there. It can be tucked in settings or similar once read/acknowledged


I totally agree - I mentioned this in another thread the other day because it was becoming a bit of an annoyance.


I can’t say I agree with some of the changes made but I do have to congratulate @bruno and team for the many months of effort they’ve put in on this - and especially for their excellent community engagement as demonstrated by the size of that thread :+1:t3:


Believe this has now been fixed in the latest update thankfully :slight_smile:

Really? It is still showing in V3.0 for me, with no option to remove?

@BristolMatt this should be fixed on the latest iOS builds! Exactly what the home button does is something we’re experimenting with internally to figure out the best balance; for now Android is switching between all top level accounts, and iOS will only switch between your joint and current accounts. We will align these to have the same behaviour in the coming weeks, which may end up being something in between how they each work at the moment!

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Hi @robinb , thanks for the reply - I think maybe we have crossed wires? I was referring to the removal of the “Things Monzo can do for you” section. I’d like to be able to dismiss that as most of it is duplicated on the account list screen. I should have made this clearer with what I was quoting!

@BristolMatt sorry! I misunderstood which part of the earlier message you were quoting. We are exploring the idea of hiding cards from the home screen. I can’t give a timeline or say for sure whether we will allow hiding the “discovery” card as such, but it is something we’re looking at :slight_smile:


If Tom is announcing something, it won’t be re-ordering pots, auto-sorting income or dark mode. Anyone smelling a :monzo: credit card?