Cluttered UI?

Does anyone else feel like the Monzo app (on Android at least) is quite cluttered and hard to get around? It seems to take many unintuitive swipes and button presses to find the features I’m looking for, and I notice that a little while ago we lost the ability to see what our account balance was following a given transaction. It leaves me feeling constrained :frowning:

I’ve been feeling a little this for a little while, but having downloaded Starling to open a business account I realised just how much less cluttered their interface is, and how good it is to have the hamburger menu (on Android of course).

How about having a couple more tabs at the bottom to separate out other features that are otherwise hidden would be useful, like putting the account/pots and budgeting options there, or maybe implementing the hamburger menu on Android?

Also, please bring back being able to see my account balance per transaction, or at least per day. It saves me doing the maths or downloading a full transaction to get a summary of my overall spending.

I agree the current version is a dog’s dinner and should be set on fire.

2016 a fine year for hamburgers

The 2.0 version with the shitty graph taking up space at the top was better than what we have now.

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I quite agree. I thought the graph was alright myself (more of a novelty if you ask me), but 2.0 was definitely a design sweet spot overall.

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If they had made it a swipe up to hide, swipe down to show so you could decide if it was going to take up space that would have helped. But that fell on deaf ears at the time.

Version 2.5 where they ripped out Intercom for their own crappy WhatsApp chat was a sad day.

Version 3.0 is a mess. They’ve made so many UX/UI mistakes, the payments tab looks like a college project, and neglected the chat apart from screwing up the help icon from the chat bubble.

Hopefully version 4.0 might bring some parity between iOS and Android.


From my POV, the Home screen is spot on (head above the trenches there folks…) which allows room for growth with a nice and cleverly designed structure which is ready for it.

But as far as Summary and Payments go - throw the grenades :bomb: Time for a revamp there.


They need this lil guy to go to town on it. I can feel some Monzo staff lurkers going :neutral_face: we spent years on this. :cry:

They also need to stop with the silly tweaks like the recent category swap, Done button. :man_facepalming:

Sign in blood they won’t put another design change to Twitter votes.

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Yeah, I agree @phildawson. I think it’s feedback worth giving though - my parents stopped using Monzo because they didn’t get on with the interface, and I feel it beginning to irk me in the same way.

I’d appreciate knowing if any Monzo staff see this :slight_smile:


It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I too preferred the version 2.0 interface to what we have now. Meanwhile, legacy banks have been improving their interfaces quite a lot over the past few years. HSBC group in particular.

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Yes I agree it’s needing a bit of a decluttering for sure!

But what if the ‘Done’ button in its current guise is part of a planned framework which allows the facility to select multiple categories on the same transaction? :thinking:

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One for:

Nice conspiracy but I think in reality they just balls’d it up. :joy:

I loved the old UI… it’s what attracted me to Monzo in the first place. The new one… well, I’ve seen worse.

I can see they had a problem of having to add more and more new features and needed to change but can’t help feeling it all went a bit pete tong somewhere.

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The problem you guys don’t understand is that Monzo isn’t designing for power users who use the product efficiently. They design it for the “non-power users” (I’d use a different word but it wouldn’t be politically correct) who will happily spend more time in the app thus more “engagement” so the marketing department can feel happy. I guess there must be a secret bank somewhere where they bring the “engagement” and cash it out for actual profit?

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Weak users?

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Surely the non-power users would benefit and prefer a simpler UI too though?


I agree. My point is that non-power-users are more likely to use the (very bad value-for-money) features the new UI showes in their face like the savings pots, etc while power users will have none of that. In general you can throw a lot more annoyances and time-wasters at non-power-users than power-users before they get fed up and leave.

In addition, non-power-users seem to be better generators of “engagement” while power users will just move on to a better tool instead of wasting their time being “engaged”.


The old design was much more cluttered and had lots of wasted space if you ask me.

I too wasn’t a fan of the new design at first but now I’ve got used to the gestures and such I really like it.

So looking at the below Vs what we have now - I know which I’d choose.


If you remove the “add your salary” banner that UI becomes better. I agree that the graph seems to take a big amount of space on Android compared to iOS. Nevertheless the UI at least has a bit of colour and personality compared to the flat empty & white new UI.

Don’t forget to remove the big search button that is covering your important transaction data too.

The new design is clean and modern, the focus of colour is on the nice coral coloured card or your pretty custom pot pictures that everyone claimed was essential.

I understand it might not be to everyones taste but I think it has improved a lot :slight_smile: