Detailed Feedback about Recent Updates to Monzo App

Hello all Monzo US users!

A long but an important post is coming. I’d like to start by apologizing to Lincoln Mongillo, Product Manager at Monzo USA. I had planned on providing this feedback in a video meeting but felt that it would be expressed more effectively in a post. As everyone may have noticed, there was a recent change to the overall layout to the Monzo app. The best way to show how this change was received is by including recent reviews since the change:

  • “The new layout is just awful. Revert back to the old one!”
  • “What is with the update? It’s stupidly difficult to navigate when you have multiple accounts/pots. Please change it”
  • “The New update is impossible to find anything on the app. Thinking about closing down my monzo account due to the app being horrendous”
  • “The new version is just awful! Total mess, unintuitive and can’t manage your pots in a natural way. For the love of all that is holy, please go back to the original layout! Seriously considering closing my account…”
  • “Latest update to home page is DISGUSTING, it is messy, hard to read at a glance and every process i want to achieve now takes twice as long.because its the most unintuitive bank layout i have seen to date. The last one was great, if you needed more features, add more features,there is no need to entirely mess up and change the whole look and layout of what already worked. Thanks to you monzo you have managed to make my life even harder a little more each day!”

You get the idea. In contrast, there are far less positive reviews of the new UI left in the past few weeks. Here are my thoughts on what isn’t better and what needs to be improved:

  • Pots can be rearranged on the home page but that’s it. Selecting my main account on the home page takes me to the old version of the pots where I can’t rearrange the order. Selecting one of my pots takes me to a newer page where the pots still can’t be rearranged.
    ^ Following along with that, there doesn’t need to be two separate pages for pots. I prefer the older version myself.
  • Savings pot goals can be edited on the new pots version but not the old version.
  • On either version, the “goal” can’t be changed on Expense Pots after they are created. It’s not even shown on the new version. Bill amounts change. This should be enabled again right away, possibly with “expense amount” instead of goal as the name.

Here’s a screenshot of each version:

To me, Monzo feels stuck right now. If these changes are a part of more changes to come, that’s (probably) fine as long as those changes are fully implemented. This in-between design needs to go though.

I’d appreciate if others would post their feedback on the design and features of the app and what they’d like to see in the future. This is just for the recent in-app features and changes, not features that are on the roadmap and haven’t been implemented yet.

tl;dr: App is icky now. Here’s pictures. Plz change. For others: What would you change?


There was a limit of amount of photos I could embed one post so here’s a screenshot of each of the Savings Pot versions as well:

It’s probably for the best you didn’t waste their time with a video call when half your post is copy and pasted reviews from other people.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with the post images and your notes, but does the cog in the top right not get you to the other options if that’s what you’re missing?

There’s thousands of posts in this thread on the design change

Just to clarify, I’m talking about the US version of Monzo, not the UK. That’s why I posted in the Monzo USA section and addressed Monzo US users.

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The design is largely the same, as you specifically didn’t want to discuss features.

Monzo has a MVP ethos. We’ve seen several major UI/UX changes in the past. It’ll be like it is now for 1-2 years, then (probably still unfinished) it’ll change again.

Exciting for some, unbearable for others.

There are two completely different teams managing each app. Respectfully, please stop commenting since you have nothing constructive to add to this conversation.


I’d probably emphasise the largely. Approach does diverge between markets (expense pots being a key example in their feedback) and the US team have been tailoring this UI slightly differently for their customers, and so are likely seeking feedback separately for it too.

I’m also guessing this person is part of the customer research panel (think chase community or atom’s kitchen) in the US (hence a video call) as opposed to just being a community member, so theirs is feedback the US team are specifically wanting.

A good portion of the criticism seems to have the same foundation which underpins the criticism in the U.K. too. Monzo has shipped this UI much before it was finished and is still reliant on sending users back to a crippled version of the old layout to plug gaps.