New app awful?

Good point. But I wonder if the ones testing were they ‘yes’ people perhaps?

Hey, welcome to the community.

I’ve found that people on here are very open when they don’t like things in the feedback threads.

There’s currently a discussion about the new layout here , and the team read through and often respond.

But have a look around there’s currently feedback threads open for the new salary sorter and monzo plus if you want to make suggestions, the development team read through these.


Nice work making your first post one that seems to claim that those of us voluntarily using the new navigation every day since April and helping to get it ready for a wider audience through use and feedback are yes people and not just interested in helping it develop

Thanks for that


I’m a ‘no’ person. I wasn’t involved in the testing in any way, but I do like the new layout, and I’m grateful to those who did the testing and who provided feedback to Monzo.


I have been using the new layout for a while via Monzo labs, I have to say it took me a couple of days to get used to it and find what I wanted but I have grown to love it. A great platform on which to build the UX over the coming months.:raised_hands:


new bad old good

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I very much disagree with this point.

I’d argue that the new layout utilises many more modern design and UX principles and feels like an app that belongs in 2019.

As opposed to the old one, which was functional and looked alright, did what it needed to. But it just didn’t feel like a very modern app.

Carry on the chat in the official thread: The Monzo app is changing: we've had a makeover!