Mystery ATM withdrawal occurring in two places at once


So on friday at 20.25, I take out £50 from an TSB ATM on George Street in Ellesmere Shropshire using my CA card. Oddly the app shows a map of, and refers to, 115 Prince Street Edinburgh at the top of the app.

This morning at 00.26 - Monzo says another £50 withdrawal was made from the TSB ATM in Ellesmere but again shows a map of 115 Price Street Edinburgh. Problem is I’m tucked up in bed in West Lancs at that time…

(Because I cannot see a way on the Android app to get a running total, I’m not sure if this second withdrawal is real or not…)

I’ll follow it up in the Chat but wondering if anyone has had this problem?

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In terms of the location, it could be there is problematic location data for that atm :atm: in the days that monzo are using. The in app chat can verify.


The chat team got swiftly in touch and refunded me but it does highlight to me that without a running total - it can get hard to know where you are in terms of spends…

(Hugh) #4

…this has been observed and should be coming soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hugh, it would be more appropriate to post your source, rather than simply “should be coming soon”. Takes 10 seconds to search for it.


WIth two debits showing, wouldn’t it mean it was debited twice, so even without a running total you know it’s come out twice?

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