Changing pin shows up as a £0 cash withdrawal?

Changed my PIN at an ATM outside Tesco last night after receiving my debit card, phone buzzed in my pocket and I was expecting a feed item along the lines of “You changed your PIN” however it shows up as a £0 cash withdrawal, which, is a little pointless? :thinking: Might be the way the ATM processed the PIN change, but improvement might be good here!


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Yup I got this as well on the current account.

Yep same thing on CA…I’m imagining it is the way the machine processes the change as you actually change it locally on the card so I’m assuming (so I may be making an ass out of myself) that because you cancel the transaction that it is in fact the only thing that is registered with the monzo network that you used an ATM but took no money out :man_shrugging:

This has already been raised and I think they have a fix in line for it. It also happens when various other actions take place that don’t involve cash withdrawal.


Yes, this is simply the result of using an ‘interim’ app for the Current Account testing. We all know that the solution to this is in the prepaid card app so when full Current Accounts launch it will be fine.


Just another note on this one, if you remove these £0.00 transactions from the frontpage feed, they still show up in the categories i.e. Cash: 2 Transactions but when you click on it there isn’t anything there (Not actually used my CA to withdraw cash yet).

May be an error, may be a coming soon

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