Cash machine withdrawals only in multiples of £20?


Hello! I’m new to Monzo and I haven’t really used it for a lot of cash withdrawals yet—but the other day I went to two different ATMs and they’d both only let me withdraw in multiples of £20 (£20, £40 etc.) I was wondering if those were the only amounts you’re allowed to take out? It was the same for both ATMs so I was just a bit confused, maybe the ATMs had no £10 notes or something? Anyone experienced with withdrawals who can help?

Also not sure if this is the correct topic to post in!

(Caspar) #2

Definitely not something that Monzo (or any bank) would be able to limit. Must have been the local cash machines - its possible there was a problem with deliveries to them both and they were just low on £10 notes?

(Herp Derp) #3

It means the machine is probably out of lower denomination notes. Surely you would have noticed the same with your other cards at some point?