[Android/iOS] ATM location error

ATM withdrawals all shown at the address in the screenshot below. Turned phone on and off, latest update and most up to date software (running on iPhone xs max)

Details to reproduce:
Check ATM location of transactions.

Latest iOS

Iphone XS Max

App Version:



I get this, too. Different locations, some of which are hundreds of miles away, even though the address is correct.


Yeah I’m based closer to Cardiff!

There should be a competition for who has the most wildly inaccurate map location. Mine would be, ATM transaction in London, Monzo map shows Dumfries.


So this has happened to me now as well the address is well off it was fine a while back but now doesn’t make any sense hopefully this gets rectified (unlikely) but who knows miracles can happen.


I looked up the address and it appears to be the head office of Cardtronics who own the ATMs from what I can gather from their website.

Is yours the same address? 85 watling street london?

Indeed it’s the same address it seems as though it’s all be tied into one thing bit odd to be honest but see what happens.

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I’ve just looked into it a little more and they’re the biggest owners/operators of ATMs in the UK so it looks like the data is being taken as the money was taken from there.

Hope it’s just a bug and they can fix it, I find the ATM location a huge prompt if I’ve forgotten to tag a withdrawl with what it was for.

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Totally agree with it being a huge prompt and helpful knowing the exact address of where you withdrew your money, bit of a bizarre bug though considering it’s happening to others as well so it’s quite wide spread at this point.

Is there a reason why we still haven’t got a merchant improvement option for ATMs in-app? I only have ‘something wrong, tell us’ button.


Could they not use the phones current location?

I raised mine in app with support, and @BethS fixed it for me :grimacing:

I’d suggest doing that also, if there’s massive differences … :slight_smile:


@michaelw90 ok great, thanks for your help :blush:

Nearly every single historic ATM transaction has always been wrong for me — don’t really want to be spamming COps with requests although I appreciate that’s the only method we have at the moment, it seems!

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