ATM location is wrong

Hi all. I’m new to Monzo so getting used to the app and it’s great features.

I withdrew some money from an ATM today and the location shown in the transaction is completely wrong.

Not a big deal but just wondered if this was a know issue or where I should flag it?

This has been happening for a while it’s actually from the company that supply the ATM’s so if you see an address it’s not necessarily wrong but if you feel to get it changed an in app chat might help it won’t update the map though just the location.

I’ve had the full location data including the map updated on several occasions with no issues :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks - is it a bug or by design?

Is that for ATM’s or merchants as my maps for ATM’s haven’t been updated before just a location change.

ATMs specifically, via COps.

Hmmm that’s interesting a COps only did a location update for me but never the maps so now I know for next time that I can do this.