Two withdrawals of £250

I lost my card and I’ve just realised I’ve had two transactions of £250 withdrawals in the last 48 hours from an ATM… I usually use my phone for payments as in contactless. I’ve blocked my card but I’m worried now and stressing… will Monzo reimburse me??


Have you tried asking Monzo for help on the in app chat? We can’t really say yes or no on the community forum.

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Yes I’ve had no response as of yet but just wanted some reassurance on here

Change your PIN. Whoever has your card knows it if they’re withdrawing cash.

Sorry to hear about this @SRK. The best thing to do is freeze your card in the app if you haven’t already, and report the fraudulent payments. You can do this by tapping one of them, scroll to the bottom where it says “Something wrong?” and then report the fraud from there.

A member of our fraud team will then investigate what’s happened and let you know if we’re able to refund you.

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I’ve blocked the account :frowning:

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Did you get the notifications?

Great, we’ll replace your card too, and this should be with a new PIN.

Hopefully they’ll get an outcome to you soon, but it will be within 24 hours of reporting unless we need to extend that for any reason.

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Yeah but cause I barely use my phone and notifications from all my app including WhatsApp, Facebook messenger just bombard my phone

Might be a silly question, but did you realise you’d lost your card?

Quite unfortunate for you to lose it and the person who found it knows your pin. Was the cash withdrawn locally? Does the transaction give enough detail of where it was?

Also might be worth reporting to the Police too. Monzo will probably advise this. They’ll have more power to request CCTV than you will which will hopefully show the thief.


This was my thoughts.

Maybe it’s someone you closely know unless your pin is something like 0000

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My card is always in my car cause I barely use it due to the contactless function.

I have very small sticker on it with my pin which is stupid I know but I’m a very forgetful person, I had a severe car accident which caused my memory to be all over the place so that’s the only reason I did it. I’ve asked my family members that I live and none of them have used it.

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I don’t think you’ll get your money back as it’s classed as being careless and basically your fault since your wrote the pin on it and I’m sure it voids everything, but you never know just have hope.

If the pin wasn’t on the card then it won’t be seen as carelessness.

If you’re forgetful just remember it’s the same pin you use to get into the app and the app can remind you off the pin or if you must have it written down do it more discretely such as the numbers that are in your phones serial number.

Although due to the nature of the reason you wrote it down it might make your chances better, no one knows.

I never do anything obvious for my pin and theirs no one who knows mine apart from me and I’ve never written it down either.


This will definitely reduce your chances of being reimbursed. But as there’s a high likelihood of you recognising the thief, it might be worth making a report to the police.

You’ll need to cross all of your fingers and toes, though.


Yeah now you’ve said that, there’s a chance you’ll not get reimbursed. But we can only speculate on what monzo will say / do after that revelation.

Especially since the app provides you with the function to view what the pin is for the card

If your car wasn’t broken in to then it’s someone who’s been inside your car. If it’s family or friends they could just be saying no since they’ve been “caught” and thought they’ll get away with it.

A good thing is that theirs cctv at almost 100% of ATMs so it’ll help to identify them.


Did you contact the police about this as well, by the way? As someone has obviously broken into your car, taken your card without permission and now stolen £500 from you?

It’s most likely someone who’s been sat inside it with them and noticed the card and just slipped it into their pocket as if it was broken into then they surely would have taken other things or the whole car.

Usually it’s the ones who you never expect.

My pin is fairly easy to guess, it’s been the same pin for a long time and wouldn’t have taken someone a long time to figure it out if I’m honest, I’ve just checked my little wallet and the sticker is on the back of there, it wasn’t on the card itself.

How many guesses do you think it’d take someone to guess? :thinking: