Can’t log into my account

Hi, I’ve been unable to login into my monzo current account for two days now. It’s been impossible to get hold of someone to see what’s wrong with my account

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Have you tried giving the app a reinstall?

It’s keep saying the can’t recognise my phone number. This is really frustrating!!


You’re using the wrong email address then. Try another email address.


No, I’m not using the wrong email address.
Everything seems fine but I was asked to provide my phone number for verification code. When I get the verification code and type it in, it says they can’t recognise my number.

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If you get to that part of the sign in it means you are using the wrong email and it tries to throw you down the sign up (for a new account) route, but your phone number is already tied to your existing account, so it errors.

I promise you, try a different email address.

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I have got any other email address. My card is not working at the ATM as well.

Can you log into

Have you tried phoning the number on the back of your card?

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That could be inconclusive as Monzo doesnt work with some ATM’s

If you flip the card over, there’s a number on the back, give it a call.

What happens when you try to use the card?

Yes I’m able to log into the Monzo website and yes I’ve tried calling the number at the back of my card several times but didn’t get anyone to talk to

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If you can login to one you should be able to log onto the other, it’s the same process.

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This this the image I get after typing in the verification code

But you don’t need to type in a code.

You’re definitely clicking on the link at the bottom that asks you to sign into an existing account aren’t you?

As mentioned earlier you don’t need to verify your phone number when logging in. ONLY when creating a new account.

If you can log in to make sure you’re using the same email address when trying on your phone.

There’s something wrong with my account. I’m exchanging emails with someone call Phil from Monzo and he’s saying both my phone number and email address can’t be why is it that I can’t use my card at the ATM as well?

You’ll need to wait for Monzo to sort it as we are just customers

have the
same issues!