Mute notifications for specific categories / transactions

I use my phone for on-call and work alerts so I can’t always put the do not disturb feature on. This morning I was awoken by a ‘caching’ when a standing order went through to my current account in the early hours.

Would be ace if I could mute transaction notifications when setting up a standing order / direct debit or mute a whole category etc - even fine grain for specific hours?


I had 7 Direct Debits go out this morning. Flooded my notification screen :joy: although I thunk there is a big thread about this from ages ago

If on android, you can easily set notifications for quiet time or tell Monzo to only notify with no sound. Loads of options

Notification setting for Android

@Bragg2012 if you’re on android:

Notification panel and status bar
Notification manager
Monzo Bank
Priority display (off)

Do not disturb
Define priority interuptions

Then, in Do not disturb, you can set rules where you can define precisely when Do not disturb will kick in and what it will allow, e.g.:

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I had no idea that Androids notification settings were so advanced :scream:

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Android ftw! :star_struck:

This is what I wrote about this few days ago in another thread.

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