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Now correct me if I’m wrong as I might be but on the pre-paid app when you get a notification it doesn’t put a badge on it normally and just sends through a banner/alert item but the CA app seems to send both.

Now if I am wrong then the whole waffle above doesn’t make sense however I want the option to not have badges for transactions only…as I will probably want a badge notification for important messages that get pushed into the feed that aren’t transactions or if my targets are being reached etc. :man_shrugging: I don’t know maybe I’m thinking of things that actually don’t bother other people just me being weird :crazy_face:

Mute notifications for specific categories / transactions
(John Lewis) #2

Hi James I noticed this myself after activating my card tonight. You can switch off badge app icon notifications in the app’s notifications through the iOS settings menu :slight_smile:

(James Murray-Ferris) #3

Yes I know and I have done that for the time being but I feel like at some point badge notifications would be useful for certain types of notifications from monzo (such as CS has responded to an in-app chat message).

Just want some options to turn it off for transaction notifications :smile:

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