Monzo Waiting List

(Alex Sherwood) #21

You don’t have to sign up 3 friends, it’s just an option if you want to skip the queue…if you don’t, it’s around a 2 week wait so not a big deal.

(Thomas Horne) #22

I know, but most people speed read and I would personally get annoyed as I’d like to see my progress through the queue. (I don’t think the invite three friends page shows this?)

(Alex Sherwood) #23

It does show your position for some users & not for others. Worst case you forget about Monzo & then get the email in 2 weeks…

Monzo’s got to 100k users in less than 12 months so my guess is, it’s done more good than harm.

(Thomas Horne) #24

Yeah, I’d eventually check when I got the email, but forget until I got it?

Out of the two options I feel that the queue is far superior though.

(Tommy Long) #25

Well, that’s why they’re currently A/B testing this (hence some users seeing it). Data outweighs anecdote/personal opinions (although you’re obviously entitled to them).

(Thomas Horne) #26

Which is also why I’m putting my own feedback here. :wink:

(Naji Esiri) #27

@siper101 @thom_horne this is really helpful feedback, thanks guys. In general, referrals from existing community members have worked quite well in encouraging people to sign up, but the A/B tests are a way to work out if we can do this in a way which works better for everyone. The current approach seems to work well when the person signing up has some previous knowledge of Monzo and has maybe been waiting to sign up for a while and hasn’t got round to it. For someone signing up ‘cold’ based on their own research with less frame of reference on who we are and what we do I can see how this might not leave the best first impression, and seem a little spammy, especially when you see a list of friends in your feed sharing exactly the same generated sign up message!


Strangely when I signed up (Nov 16) I never even saw a queue, and was just asked to top up straight away to get my card.

Have a feeling that it’s something to do with where I live and a probable scarcity of Beta users in the area. Would make sense as, if Monzo want to launch as a full bank nationwide, they need to be sure it works nationwide.

Perhaps people signing up should be given the option of either inviting 3 friends or moving to a rundown Northern town to queue jump :joy:

(Alex Graham) #29

May I ask how long is the Monzo card waiting list is and approximately how many days it will take for me to start using my card.

(Bob) #30

It’s as long as a piece of string, but if you search for the Give/request Golden Tickets here thread, it can be as little as two days :grinning:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #31

Monzo are shipping over a thousand cards a day I think- don’t know how long the queue is at the moment - but as Bob says you can skip the queue using a ‘golden ticket’ in the thread mentioned - once you have topped up your card with your initial deposit (top up) it usually takes about 2 days to get your card , which then gives you access to your topped up funds deposited on your card immediately

golden ticket thread - need to scroll down /up to find a ticket that hasn’t been taken :slight_smile:

(Alex Graham) #32

Thanks Ian,

I am going to South America at the end of the month and wish to use a Monzo
Card. My concern is the possibility of the card not arriving before I
leave. I will weigh it up and decide,


(Marta) #33

If you grab golden ticket and top up initial required £100 today before 3:30PM, I’ll buy a hat, then eat that hat if you don’t get card before end of Saturday. :slight_smile: While I understand your concerns, whole Monzo community can attest that Monzo card takes max 3 days to arrive in 99,99% of cases.

It’s also worth mentioning, that if you live in London, you can pop over to Monzo offices to pick up card in person. I believe all you need to do is contact Monzo support and explain it. :slight_smile:

To find golden ticket, open below thread and search for available ticket in last few posts:

(Naji Esiri) #34

Hi Alex,

Whilst our delivery times are subject to change at the mercy of Royal Mail’s delivery times, I can say with some certainty that if you were to make your initial top up today, you would definitely get a card before your trip!

Something would have to go seriously wrong if it took any longer than a week, and in cases like this we’d go over and above to make sure you got a replacement the next day.

Hope this gives you a little confidence!

(Alex Graham) #35

Thank you for your replies.

One other question if I may. I am aware there are no transaction fees or
withdrawal fees however, is there a mark up on the exchange rate for
forgeign transactions to the currency on my card (sterling)?

I will be using my card in Edcuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and



There is No markup.

Monzo use the Mastercard exchange rate with no percentage markup on top, regardless of if transaction locally in EU or far afield the otherside of the planet.

There is also no weekend markup, which Revolut do.

(Alex Graham) #37

Great. And no bank fee of any sort?

(Bob) #38

Not from Monzo, but foreign banks may charge fees for using their ATMs abroad.

(Alex Graham) #39

Understood, similar to those ATMs in the UK which charge say £1.75?

(Bob) #40

Not exactly.

Have you ever been abroad and been charged an ATM fee for using your UK legacy back card at a foreign bank ATM? It’s common in some countries, where using a local (national) bank card might be free (or sometimes it needs to be a bank card affiliated to that particular banking group) as opposed to a foreign bank card for which there will be a fixed fee.