Monzo to Monzo Payment. Any Recourse? (been scammed)


With the greatest respect, you are being obtuse.

Voucher was redeemed before making purchase.

3 hours later the seller reported it as stolen/misused in an attempt to keep money and voucher. Unfortunately vendor in question will take 6-24 hours to process the order as they need to order in packaging supplies to ship the item.

it was a £150 saving on £600 - which was the market rate. Its not the first time i have bought this particular type/class of voucher, nor will it be the last.

Just need to tighten my checks a bit, and place additional protections on a higher value. Lesson learned for next time. After completing a large amount of trade in these vouchers since Jan, I got a bit “comfortable”. Lessons learnt for next time i guess.

Scammers gonna Scam.


Market rate or not, it is greed that made you ignore all the warnings.

To prove that point, you say you’ll do it again!

found his new profile on facebook. thought it was amusing. sharing:


Nice one!

Not sure why monzo are apologising for inconvenience.

“Does anyone know how to help with this?”

I have a few ideas :joy:

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Not that I’m suggesting any location exposure here, but “i have this persons home address” plus what3words = imagination…

@Feathers - happy cake day!

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Sadly most banks don’t refund for good will :confused: not in my experience anyway as I’ve lost money in the 4digits range mostly they check if the funds are there in the other account and see if they’re retractable if they’re not then you’re pretty much screwed

Best of luck with your court case. I’m glad you got more than half back! :slight_smile:

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Have you also raised it with CeX? They may do nothing, but I can’t imagine they’d be happy to be party to fraud.


yep. all they will do is ensure the guy doesnt keep the voucher. (i.e. confiscate it)

Its unfortunate i had to escalate things on my end, but its down to principles at this point…


Love to see a scammer get what they deserve!

How long until he joins on here with “I’ve had my account closed for no reason??!!!”

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Not really fraud in those terms is it?

He didn’t pay him £500 to fix his garden fence or get tricked over the phone thinking he was talking to Monzo.

Of course it’s fraud; he paid to purchase a legitimate item and the seller then falsely reported the voucher as lost/stolen to deprive the buyer of the purchased goods.

CeX permits vouchers to be sold, and there is a market place for this with the legitimate going rate around 25% less than the voucher value (from a brief search). The price he paid is therefore broadly within market rates and not completely unbelievable for someone experienced in voucher buying (as he is, as he has confirmed he has done this numerous times and not been scammed until now).

Not everyone is greedy or at fault when they are scammed, and indeed even those who are naive shouldn’t be blame just because they don’t fully understand the risks. At the end of the day, the person being scammed is the victim and shouldn’t be demonised for being taken advantage of regardless of the circumstances.


I can understand to a certain extent how people get scammed like this but to then want to go and do it again… :exploding_head:

Not worth it at all, effort, risk or the savings. Just get your vouchers from legitimate sources and not from anonymous people on Facebook :confused:

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I agree on that front; I’d certainly not be returning to trading in vouchers (which is a risky business anyway) if I’d been scammed.

Interesting that you just report my post because you disagree and now for some reason it won’t let me edit it.

It’s unfortunate when people lose money to those that set out to deceive. But you have to accept some of the blame if you’re complicit, which OP is, and then learn your lesson. Not continue to do it.

@Revels If that is aimed at me, then I’m not sure what you mean as I have not reported (nor have I ever reported) any of your posts. :man_shrugging: I prefer not to report posts in general unless there’s a genuine reason.

I agree with you to some extent, just don’t think victims should be blamed as seems to be all too common. I also agree that I wouldn’t go back to doing something risky that has caused financial loss, as the OP intends.

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Will just tread carefully from future and deal with existing traders / people who are vetted, and not accept offers from any random joe blog with no previous track record of trading. That is the sensible things to do. The key thing is, I thought once a voucher was used, there would be no recourse for a seller to regain control of the voucher. This mindset is where I stumbled, and its what allowed the scammer to exploit.

Anyways, onward. (i too didnt report the post, but do believe you are being a bit, black and white, about the situation/ with your responses provided - and acting a bit… well don’t know… Fingerpointy? you offer zero further constructive posts in a thread except to point out that I’m greedy, without understanding the context, or nature of the business I’m in shrugs)

If someone bought some cheap fuel, and got scammed, and never got what they paid for, would you class them as greedy? Need to climb down off your high horse to be honest…