Monzo to Monzo Payment. Any Recourse? (been scammed)

Hi All,

Hope this message finds you well in these strange and uncertain times…

Unfortunately i bought an item from someone on Facebook Marketplace, it was a voucher, they allowed me to redeem it before i sent the payment via Monzo - they went to the issuer and said its been stolen and got the voucher reclaimed/banned along with my account.

Because this is a Monzo to Monzo payment (he was with Monzo) - do i have any potential recourse with Monzo’s dispute department to claw the money back?

Have already supplied them with screenshots etc - and send them the actionfraud report - just wondering if there are any historical examples where a claim has been successful?

thanks all.


From memory this may have been raised before, but it’s incredibly rare that we ever hear the end of the story, we just see the “I have been scammed” stage usually.

A browse of the forums will reveal Facebook Marketplace seems to be a breeding ground for scammers and evildoers, unfortunately they tend to ask for direct bank transfers, or Paypal “family” transfers, to avoid the kind of clawback/protection offered by other methods of payment. Monzo-to-Monzo is effectively a bank transfer, just facilitated more nicely, so I’d imagine it’s just a case of waiting and hoping Monzo see in your favour and return your money…?

I hope you’re not too much out of pocket. Let us know if there is any positive progress.


From a legal point of view it’s like sending cash, but hopefully with your proof monzo can recover the money, or at least kick the scum off monzo.


Ah that’s rubbish, sorry to hear about that :frowning:

I think others have got it more or less covered. Legally, I’m not sure what the situation is - I know there’s additional protection for using cards but I imagine it might be legally difficult for Monzo (or any bank) to just send the money back even if they know it was fraud.

On the flip side, Monzo is very sensitive to having fraudsters using their accounts, so may well choose to close it. If they do that, often money is sent back to where it comes from, so there might be an outside chance. As hard as it is, I wouldn’t hold your breath though.

If you’re able, do let us know how you get on. It’d be really good to hear the end of one of these stories!

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I suppose the other thing you might be able to do is contact the voucher company to get the voucher re-instated.

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didn’t you found it suspicious that you was allowed to use the voucher before making any payments didn’t the scam alarm bells go off? anything you buy that requires bank transfer you should always be weary about that and for me once i see that it’s a no for me i’ll look somewhere else, sorry for what happened but i’ve seen too many stories of people being scammed with bank transfer, hope you get your money back


based on how these vouchers are traded - its perfectly normal for vouchers to be redeemed first before a transaction is completed.

I am tackling this with a three pronged approach, Monzo is one avenue, action fraud is another, and lastly, the voucher company in question.

will report back how i get on, but i think it will be a favourable outcome.

Enjoy weekend all - will report back :slight_smile:


So small updates from me,

Unfortunately due to the nature of the scam, it took 2-3 days and a weekend with the communication between myself and Monzo, for Monzo to understand the nature in which I was scammed,

however, they fully accepted at the end of the day, that I was scammed, and recovered the funds.

Again, unfortunately, due to the delay, they were only able to recover £273.93 of the £450 (which im assuming is the amount available at the account where i sent the money too originally). which represents a value of 60% or so…

I’m happy I got something back. I’m hoping the scammer gets banned from the platform entirely. will ask this question to Monzo in the morning…

Happy tbh. OK May have lost £177… but know if this was another bank, like HSBC or Nationwide, they would of said “tough luck” and would have taken 2-3 weeks for the investigation to take place etc etc.

Considering moving everything to Monzo now. Very impressed with their speed of communication, and how they handled this case.


Thanks for coming back and providing an update; doesn’t happen very often so it’s nice to see.

Glad you got some of your money back.


Hopefully the person got a cifas marker for fraud.

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good to see you at least got something back, hopefully monzo closed down their account for that, hope this is a lesson learned this time and think twice when it comes to buying things online with bank transfers

I’m sorry for your experience and pleased you got something back. I expect Monzo won’t tell you what action they have taken against the scammer as sharing that information with you would involve them breaking various laws.

The one point I disagree with you on is this:

Especially given you state:

it took 2-3 days and a weekend with the communication between myself and Monzo, for Monzo to understand the nature in which I was scammed

I don’t know if you contacted Monzo by phone on in-app chat but from experience i have every confidence that other banks would have responded faster and you might have got more of your funds back.

It should not have taken Monzo 2-3 days to react.

In fact, many banks would have refunded the full amount as goodwill - even if they couldn’t recover the full amount themselves.

I do hope Action Fraud etc do contact Monzo and ask for the scammers details.


Good to hear you got something back and sorry to hear of your experience.

I don’t know if you’ve had similar experience with other banks? I have.

When I was with RBS, I was scammed. It was 3-4 days before I knew I’d been scammed and my account depleted of £100s.

I reported it to RBS by phone and they agreed it looked like a scam and would investigate. Blocked by card, sent a new one and three working days later they’d fully refunded the scammed money.

If I was to have to wait a few days for the bank to respond before only issuing a partial refund then I’d be running from them, not to them, I’m afraid. In my experience, I don’t think you’ve received good service.

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At least you got something back!

I’m curious though, if they let you have and spend the voucher first, what happened?

Did you use the voucher and before the merchant could dispatch the item, they claimed it was stolen?

I suppose there’s two key differences here;

  1. you were scammed without your knowledge or input. If someone clones my card or something, I’m 100% with you, Monzo or any bank should give me every penny back regardless.

  2. OP transferred money willingly. There are enough warnings everywhere to say don’t do it, but greed kicks in and people do it. And the account doesn’t have all the funds in it now, so should Monzo cough up the difference? I don’t think they should when you’ve been complicit.


Yes. I take your points. Although I interpreted the OP as buying a voucher? Not sure where greed came into it?

He ignored the obvious warning signs to get a cheap voucher. Greed overtook logic.

It’s not a dig at OP. That’s how people fall for these scams. £100 for £10 means people do it. £100 for £99 and people deem it not worth the risk.

I’m not sure we know that. For example, a few years ago Co-op was selling iTunes vouchers at 20% off.

Was I being a canny consumer or was I being greedy? It was a legitimate sales promotion.

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I think there’s a slight difference between buying from Co-op and someone on Facebook marketplace.


I grant you that, yes.

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