Fraud and no help from monzo


Have had fraud on my account for £3,000 and monzo have concluded it’s not fraud and is a normal transaction. Bearing in mind my account has never had a transfer above £500 to any other account other than mine and only ever 2 transactions that aren’t my account which were no where near that amount.

If any anyone has had this and money has been sent to these details please contact as I can’t be the first! It’s gone to another monzo account by the name of Samuel isong!

Thanks for any help or replies

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There are repeated stories on here of people who get their money back from Monzo.

I can’t help but feel like there’s parts of your story missing.


Honestly, there is nothing missing at all, I’ve been on chat to them for the past 7 days with no communication what so ever from them on the situation and then after pushing for it to be escalated so I can be contacted I got a message 30mins later with this response:

Hi Robert :wave:My name’s Theo, I’m part of the disputes team here at Monzo.
I’m so sorry that we never got back to you regarding our decision on this.
Unfortunately, after thorough investigation, we’re unable to treat these transactions as fraudulent and as such, we won’t be able to reimburse you for these charges.
This decision is based on all of the information we have regarding your account history; as well as the account activity displayed surrounding these transactions. Based on this, we do not believe these transactions were authorised by a third party.
Apologies, I can appreciate this wasn’t the outcome you were hoping for.

That’s a very generic message, but basically there isn’t evidence that this was fraudulent. Your best bet is to find more detail or more information to prove it was.

Edit: I don’t want to be nosy but if you detail what happened, perhaps the community can offer help as to the direction to go in.

I would also remove your account details and name from the original post. Just in case!

I believe that’s the account the money went to?

So what happened? How did £3k go from your account to theirs?

Whilst re securing my account initially on the Tuesday it was kicking me out saying I am signed in somewhere else.
I have no other way of proving it and I’m pretty sure that they can see by previous transactions I have never made a transaction anywhere near to this size.

My bad, jumped the wagon!

Your best bet may be to create a timeline of everything that happened, because you’re creating more questions with things like “re securing my account”


Literally I was sat at home just about to eat dinner and my apple watched dinged to say a transaction had been mad on monzo, I looked on my phone and it had left my account.
At no point would I transfer that amount of money out, the only reason I had it in the monzo account was due to moving it from my natwest as I had debit card fraud on it a few weeks back and wanted it out of there.

Secure your email , that would be my first port of call.

This was the first thing that the person said to do on the chat when I spoke to them. So they said re secure my account and as it keeps saying I’m logged in elsewhere they need to confirm my identity.

Done that at the same time as the account.

You get a notification if you use your card, is that the same for doing a transfer?

A bank transfer requires your PIN, does it not?

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Every single transfer or card transaction that’s made gives me a notification. Always has on my phone and watch.

Yes it does, the majority of the time.

You only get notifications if you’re logged in. And you can only be logged in on one device. Weird you got a notification if some other person on another device made a transfer.

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So someone downloaded Monzo on their phone, knew your registered email, knew your email password, got the magic link, signed in to Monzo, knew your pin and transferred the money out?