Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Zander Brade (Lead Product Designer)

(Jack) #21

Thanks @zancler ! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jorge) #22

Amazing answers! Keep up the great work!

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #23

Man. I didn’t get round to asking my question. Great answers though. Intrigued by the pots images. There was already an uploading function in the app so it’s a shame you couldn’t utilise it.
Roll on V2!

(Liam) #24

Thanks for the great answers and taking the time, @zancler. :smiley:

(Simon B) #25

Another fantastic Q&A - thanks so much @zancler :slight_smile:

See you next week, folks!

(Zander) #26

I’m still alive and kicking, happy to answer anything that’s on your mind :slight_smile:

(Jordan Taylor) #27

Any plans to make use of Material Design 2 on Android, namely Material Theming?

(Zander) #28

We don’t have any formal plans (specifically around Material Theming) but we all go to efforts to be informed and on the ball with both the HIG and Material guidelines, so for new things we’re designing we will be integrating new components and styles where relevant.

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(Nick) #29

Bit late to this Q&A thread, but I particularly wanted to thank @zancler for two things here. Firstly, for being the first time I’ve seen anyone from Monzo acknowledge that Summary left Labs too quickly. Secondly, for actually explaining why custom images aren’t allowed - or, to put it more accurately as it turns out - on pots.

The former I was surprised by at the time, and I noticed a lot of negative feedback about it on the comunity, so it’s good to see that this has been acknowledged. The latter takes away all the guessing and makes it clear that it’s just a limitation of ‘build first, iterate later’ rather than a deliberate choice, which goes a huge way to understanding and accepting.

I also feel I have to acknowledge the answer relating to the burger menu. I loved that menu and would very much like to see it come back (Android for life, yo), but when they numbers run like that, I can better understand why Monzo are moving in the direction they are.