Monzo 'skiddle' scam is back

Just been targeted by the ‘Skiddle’ scam previously mentioned here

Just be careful as these guys knew everything about me, asked me to open an overdraft, delete the app, delete my wallet app etc. gut instincts kicked in and I hung up, froze the card and cancelled the overdraft immediately, 2 minutes later a payment of 180 was attempted to be taken.


Hey Jonny!

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Thanks for highlighting this type of scam again :pray:

Have you spoken to our team through the in app chat at all after this call?


Sadly these scams never go away.


Currently on hold with the chat, but the important thing is the card is blocked. Not sure if there is anything additional to do - I assume with the card being blocked their attempts at adding it to apple pay etc are now are all snuffed out.

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Same thing just happened to me. Had you ever made a transaction at Skiddle beforehand? I just used them to buy a ticket for the first time two weeks ago and all of a sudden I have all these fradulent charges. Pretty suspicious

Sounds more to do with their (Skiddle’s) poor security than anything else! Eeesh. Good luck in getting this resolved!

Have they taken money out the account? I’d never used them before, I’m not sure who even Skiddle is. It may be a case of they just chance their luck and see what happens. It was the phone call that was super intrusive with my one, that almost feels like it’s targeted. I mean they must have had hold of some info from a database to have both your card info and contact details.

Anyways, I’m going off on one. Block your card and if the app detects suspected fraudulent activity it’ll block the app but there is an emergency Monzo site to access too - best this is just to report this within the app

I agree. Skiddle being mentioned twice in conjunction with a Monzo breach is a cooincidence. But three times? Well, you can draw your own conclusions about Skiddles security practices at that point. My card details were leaked even though my card hasn’t left my desk drawer in months