Monzo call status ☎ 😊



That’s pretty handy functionality! But they’ll need to be able to surface this in some way that people can find it, and check it. Unless they’re going to do a huge marketing campaign around it.


I was wondering how they’d show up!

Introduced with app version 5.31.0 back in June:

   <string name="live_call_status_call_in_progress_caller_known_subtitle">%1$s from Monzo</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_call_in_progress_caller_unknown_subtitle">Member of the Monzo team</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_call_in_progress_title">Talking to you now</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_loading_subtitle">This should only take a second.</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_loading_title">Updating…</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_no_call_in_progress_subtitle">If someone is telling you they’re from Monzo, hang up now.</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_no_call_in_progress_title">We’re not talking to you</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_no_internet_subtitle">It’s safer not to answer calls from anyone saying they’re from Monzo now.</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_no_internet_title">No internet, don’t answer</string>
    <string name="live_call_status_title">Monzo Call Status</string>


This is very cool, it needs to be very easily found in the app for everyone though.


I do remember you finding this !!!

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Weirdly, they seem to have made it always say “now” in the last updated :eyes:

<string name="live_call_status_last_updated">Last updated: Now</string> - latest TD.


It’s In the Monzo settings. I think scammers will have you go in there to get a code from there?

I thought it was only there IF you had a call active… it’s there all the time

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Does it go red if you’re on a call, vs orange as a warning (ie, you may be called on a another line?)

No, it’s red all the time for me

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Weird, it’s orange for me on iOS :eyes: with no active call

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Red for me with no active call on latest iOS.

Isn’t that the point? It only changes when monzo initiate something when you’re talking to them. So if you’re talking to someone that’s not monzo that needs to show that you’re not talking to monzo

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Wonder what the colours are for! :eyes: I’m on TF, latest iOS.

I am using light mode and the new higher contrast mode if that makes a difference…?

I don’t even have it yet :upside_down_face:


I wonder if that’s an iOS feature, I don’t see it on my android version of Monzo. A very good idea though and certainly one that needs more prominence

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Nope, it’s here on Android, too, in the same place. It will just be a phased rollout, like most things they release.


Snap! I was gonna post this today as I stumbled on it when I was looking through the app. Good feature all in all but as said earlier it needs to be visible on the main screen or something!


If the app can pick up you’re on a call and then show it at the top in the app when first opening then it would be really useful to prevent or reduce impersonation scams.


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