APP Scam

Hi there guys,

Unfortunately I’ve been a victim of the APP scam,
It’s an absolute horrible feeling, but I hope Monzo can fix this for me.


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You’ll need to message monzo in the app,

Find the transaction ,click on it, scroll to the bottom and click something wrong.

Best of luck.
And don’t beat yourself up, it can happen to anyone.

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Hi there thanks for the reply,

I’m currently going through the dispute, I’m hoping this can get sorted.

It’s quite diminishing on the mental I’d say unfortunately.

What is this scam?

Someone manipulates you to send funds to their account through spoofing the banks phone number. There very professional & it’s vile that people do it, the amount of lives they affect mentally is horrible.

If it hasn’t happened to you Aitch all I can say is watch out, it can happen to anyone, maybe have a read of monzos app article which can be found on here it might help educate on the scenario. Hopefully I can get my money back

Getting scammed is absolutely gutting.

Make sure Monzo are aware of all of the reasons you thought it was genuine, everything they said that made you think you were dealing with Monzo.

Good luck :+1:

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why would you send money to some random person? do you have any more details on the scam? thanks.


They said they thought it was Monzo, as the scam came from the Monzo phone number

Had you done this prior to being scammed or was the way that they tricked you different?

Unfortunately not, my scam was quite unusual, I was spoofed by a Barclays number but when messaging Barclays live chat they were slightly negligent on updating me on potential scams when letting them know I received a random call from their number.

I’ve explained all the steps and gone into depth, why I did the stupid thing I did.

Really sucks,


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Came here to say this. The clearer you can demonstrate that you thought the transaction was genuine, and show the scam hit all the markers of being an APP scam, the greater the chances of recovering your money.


Just an update, Monzo has been very helpful so far, always responsive whenever I have a question on the scenario. I also understand these situations take time so although I’m struggling, patience is a virtue

I am v sorry for you, reading your experience feels horrible to me. I hope I never get to experience this myself.

Actually I am wondering how it is able to prosper like this. I know how easy it is to spoof numbers (VoIP background) but where I am from you need to have written proof of ownership or procurement to use a number. It is not a straight forward 1-2-3 thing.
I am curious how this works here in the UK.
The times I get called about a claim I could raise cause of a car accident, the amounts of texts I receive about my Vodafone connection being in debt etc etc etc., for me it is so surreal.
I am from NL and there this hardly happens. Of course we have the boiler room calls from India for a Windows problem, but app scam and the sms flood are very rare.

Anybody that knows more background why it is so easy here?

(Clarify: now UK, until 11-2019 NL)

You’re assuming that these scammers are calling from within the UK. More often than not they’re foreign and from a different country where laws are not enforced enough or none existent.

As for how they get peoples details… I guess it’s either bad luck (from a hacked company for example) or they’ve been a little careless with how much personal detail they put online and where

I for one have been fortunate to never have had any type of scam call, not even those PC repair ones or anything. I’ve had the same number for well over 10 years too.

You’re right, they can call from anywhere and of course English spoken countries are an easier target. I thought past that. Was not my intention.

Hi guys just an update, still waiting for the dispute outcome. Wish me luck!

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Horrible to be scammed, I got scammed by a loan shark many years ago. After that I swore that would never happen again! These scammer scum don’t care and are pro at what they do. Always have your spider sense on when moneys concerned.


Hey Andy the same thing happened to me this time last week so you’re not alone. Personally I don’t think Monzo are handling it well as I haven’t received an update at all since the day I reported the incident. It just feels the more time that is passing by the less likely it’s going to be good news when I get a response

There could be a whole host of reasons as to why it’s taking a week.

If you’ve provided all the info and you thought it was a legitimate call from Monzo then you have nothing to worry about. I know that’s easier said than done. But of all the people that I’ve seen post on here to say this has happened to them, all have got their money back.

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