🔔 Scam Alert - Monzo "Fraud Department" Scam calls

Hey all, this is a little PSA to let you all know the “Fraud Department” scam looks to be doing the rounds again.

You’ll most likely get a strange, and high cost, transaction approval request in your Monzo app (For me it was from CircuitLaunderetteCircuitEUR-App1 for 50EUR). followed by a call from a withheld number.

They will mention the Transaction and even provide you with your details (Last 4 digits of the card, address and phone number)

They will then say that they will freeze the card and set you up with a temporary card for your google wallet/apple pay and ask you to approve the card setup in the app.

Instead, go the the app, and freeze your card and drop the call. (If you accidently accepted the Apple Pay setup instead of declining it don’t worry)

Now go to help and open chat and tell them that someone has attempted to use your card fraudulently and would like to cancel your card and order a replacement.

Monzo will then put a full block on your card and order a replacement for you after confirming your delivery address.

Once you get your new card, you’ll need to Activate it and re-setup your pin (If required)


Hopefully the fact I won’t answer unknown numbers will keep me free from ever falling for these kinds of scams.

I’m sure people will appreciate the heads up.


I would not do this - personally - you can request a new card for fraud after freezing it (iirc), and saves the time of having to jump through CS hurdles, and delay things! :slight_smile:

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For me it took me to chat, so kinda had to. Wasn’t a hassle though, litterally 5 minutes and a new card was ordered :slight_smile:


Been a while since I went through the flow - it’s probs been updated! :smiley:

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The old “Hello we’re the bank and can’t do anything to protect your compromised account so you need to do it all” scam.

It’s a shame that it claims so many victims in this day and age :frowning:


In fairness I wouldn’t answer the phone from a “bank” unless I was aware that a call may come in.

If I bought something that adds suspicion they might call me to check it’s me, and this would happen almost immediately after the attempted purchase. This isn’t as common.m now however.

If I’d requested a callback from a bank, I’d expect a call from the number on the back of the card or from a private number if the call is taken from a staff members extension.

Of course still always check who’s calling and if they say anything a bank wouldn’t normally mention.

That is literally the scenario the scammer engineered here.

Here’s a simple and straightforward guide on what to do if your bank calls you out of the blue for any reason:

  1. Hang up.
  2. Contact them in a way that you know you’re speaking to the right bank. This means:
  • use another phone and call the bank’s advertised number (back of your card, their website, paperwork)
  • if they have an app with in-app customer support, start a chat
  • if they have a high street branch/drop in clinic, visit them

Above all, don’t panic. And don’t try and triage the call any other way than by hanging up and contacting the bank yourself.


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