Monzo servers

Ia anyone else getting the monzo servers are down message??? Or is it just me???

Yep. Indeed they’re having some issues at the minute; some poor engineer is probably up fixing it (or trying) now

Is my account closed or is anyone else having problems?

It’s problems @ Monzo in general

My payments are being declined :frowning: got an iTunes email this Morning for no reason.

Same here. iTunes declined… Apple asked to update card details to renew my storage

It has been fixed now, so if you try again it should work

We can’t try again. Have to wait for them to try and take it. Luckily it wasn’t a mortgage payment or something more important. :frowning:

Was it a card payment? Direct debits have a retry option

No literally everything stopped working

Strangely, my bills from pots transfers and subsequent payments worked OK at 3:01am today.

Where is the banner across the top of the forum to tell everyone who looks that there has been a server issue??

Or some other mechanism, surely?

Just a thought, it would help to have some formal text somewhere (and as part of a major incident I’d have thought they’d have some stock actions that are taken).

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My guess is most people won’t have noticed since it was in the middle of the night and was for less than an hour.

You can always check the starus or previous status here

Yet the forum has a few threads on ‘this didn’t work’ and so far it all comes down to the server being down.

No biggie, but a banner/sticky post or whatever would help people coming here for answers…

Forum staff wouldn’t have been active at that time is my guess. Otherwise something would have got posted.

Engineers too busy fixing the issue and updating the main status page rather than sorting the forum.

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There should have been an in app banner while the outage was happening. Would be useful to have one now for people who had declined payments

No idea if there was coz I was asleep


Yep - there’s was in-app banner. The app actually talks directly to the status page, so whenever there’s a status page marked critical it’ll show a banner in the app.

Direct debits wouldn’t have been affected by this. It’s a batch processes under Monzo’s control so we can make sure they happen on the same day, before the Bacs cutoff.

We did send scheduled payments (outbound “standing orders”) later than usual (about ~4am instead of 1:30am). Inbound Faster Payments / (mostly standing orders at this time of night) were queued until the end of the outage and delivered once we had recovered.

Some card payments like the iTunes example shared earlier will have declined.


I realise all this.

I’m saying - it’s early I’m not explaining it clearly I don’t think - that NOW there could be a ‘we had an issue overnight’ message/banner posted. I wasn’t awake at 3am either but if I woke to a failed payment it’d be good to see something to that effect is all I’m saying. Might be useful, and could easily be added to an incident playbook (or however Monzo run these things).


I think that’s a great suggestion!

They could automate one for the forum based on the below:

Get the same banner to show on the forum and nobody needs to get out of bed to do it :sleeping_bed: