Outage 02/05/18 post mortem

Isn’t that the last 3 issues all being with bank transfers?

Is there a reason we can be given for this Monzo people?


I’ll see if I can check this for you :+1:

It’s worth remembering that something goes up on Statuspage a couple of minutes (maximum) after engineers are paged. I believe this was resolved fairly shortly after although the notification was left for a bit longer as we processed the queued payments.


So, I’ve just checked and if you can hang on until the beginning of next week we’ll have a post mortem to share on here :raised_hands:


Next week is also a big milestone with something to do with Pots… I suspect its related if you planning to announce something next week along the lines of Apple Pay :wink: @HughWells

The only reason for the delay is that there will be a meeting to discuss what happened, and to give engineers a chance to write up the report. It’s not related to any announcements :slight_smile:


Mwahahah :slight_smile: Fair do’s. I presume all three outages are a similar fault as we never had RCA for the previous too failures either. Do we now have a permanent fix?

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