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Has anyone else got issues with the Monzo app? I’ve been getting errors in the app about server status for the last 30 mins or so and so have a few others judging by searches of Monzostatus on x. But the service status page shows no issues?

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1 other person mentioned it and I gave a possible theory:


All good here on :android: tonight so far.

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Yep, no connected accounts for me and error message flashing up in the app.


Hi, folks! Just dropping by to share an update. We are aware of some issues with displaying data from connected accounts, and as a result users would not be able to see much information in the Trends or Subscriptions tab. All the other regular interactions with the app, like payments should be working as normal. We are working on a fix now, sorry for the inconvenience caused!


All fixed now…. What amazing support from the community forum again! I guarantee if I went through to CS it would have been a different story, maybe handed over to a specialist team with a 7 working day SLA :joy:


Yes… looks like it… My plus features have disappeared and Down Detector is reporting a spike in reported issues over the last 2-3 hrs

Online help on X is useless, advising to delete the app and reinstall… and their online status page is not reporting any issues…. They seem to deny they’re having a problem

Even Nationwide was down from 11pm

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