Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial

(Martin Jones) #1

So Monzo Plus went Live for me today, be nice to know what future features they will be adding other than travel insurance and will they increase the monthly subscription.

Also any chance of a second counter for Monzo Plus customers

Making Monzo: An update on Monzo Plus

What is emergency money?

Not sure those features are worth £11 tbh but guess it’s a trial for a reason


Interesting! What happens when you press “Learn More” ?

(Jack) #4

I imagine this is a trail with a small limited user set.
They seem to be moving quickly based off the feedback presented in other threads

There hasn’t been any announcement of a wider rollout. But I’m sure any data they can pull from this will go into making a final product or decision.

(Myles Carey) #5

Great to see them making and testing Monzo plus but please don’t tie us into a contract.

(Martin Jones) #6

(Jack) #7

I’m digging those colours :grin::heart:

(#savetheseabass) #8

That blue is lush

(Martin Jones) #9

Unfortunately im get travel insurance through work so wont be taking them up on this offer, just see what happens when new features get introduced

(Dan) #10

This personally doesn’t appeal to me as I travel infrequently.

But the card colours look great, I love the charitable donation idea, double international cash withdrawals and the emergency cash option looks interesting.

Not sure if it is worth £11 a month, but I am not savvy with travel insurance prices anyway.


Such a shame Monzo haven’t got any new ideas from other banks ‘premium’ offerings, well, with the exception of the emergency cash offer but that is available for free elsewhere.

  • Travel cover - not needed.
  • Increased international withdrawals - not needed.
  • Emergency cash - interesting idea, but free with RBS/Natwest in the UK and I don’t need internationally.
  • Card colours - not worth £11 per month.

I hope this is just the beginning of a range of offers.

(Kolok) #12

Does anyone have a link to the travel insurance , wondering what it includes , delayed flights, gadgets , winter sport etc?

Seems a bit expensive in my opinion.

(Martin Jones) #13

(Myles Carey) #14

It’d be interesting for Monzo to come out in this thread and say what the plans are - e.g. is this a test? Is this the real thing?


How are people accessing it? Has it appeared as a feed item?

(Martin Jones) #16

(Roman ) #17

My partner got shown another offer - £3 a month for 6 months. Don’t think it’s worth it for what they offer.

I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?
(Jack) #18

The fact people have been offered different versions backs up my original thoughts about this being a small scale test.

Interesting to see the different offers out there.

Lucky I got cops to update my link a few months ago :grin:


Hmm I wonder if they are targeting frequent travellers with the travel perk and others with this one.

(#savetheseabass) #20

That’s for people who say they hate hot coral cards