Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial

(Jack) #21

Chances that you have to give the merch back after 6 months?

(Martin Jones) #22

Wonder what offers others have got?

(Myles Carey) #23

I’d say that’s even worse - give people a choice

(Kolok) #24

I thought they weren’t giving out custom for transparency, stop abuse etc …

What happens if you stop paying do you automatically lose the .

The insurance bundle is too expensive , nationwide /Halifax bundles offer way more features for only a few more pounds a month.

(Kolok) #25

To something random/ only first name? or just take out middle name ?

(Jordan Taylor) #26

Interesting. Will be good to see what comes of this.

(Jack) #27

To match my community username jackcrwhitney

(Jack) #28

I imagine you get to keep the items, the ones on offer aren’t really something they can ask you to give back imo

(Peter Reid) #29

Would be interested to know if the investor cards “stack” with this?

i.e. can I get a “Monzo Investor Plus” card :thinking:

Furthermore is the “shirt” just something I can get on the existing store?

The travel insurance wording confuses me, what happens after 12 months?

Also why are they suddenly offering to change URLs again? As far as I know for the last while, changes to them have been blocked on the grounds of preventing abuse/fraud?

(Kolok) #30

So £3 X 6 months, £18 for a custom ahhh not sure very tempted if no-one has nicked mine

This bundle with a custom card and merch is very gimmicky, I imagine a one off fee for a metal card would sell just as well , or include it in a monzo plus bundle


I have a Starling account for overseas withdrawals, and I don’t think that travel insurance is worth the monthly fee considering there are numerous deals out there - I do like the colour of the cards though

(Splodf) #32

Must admit, I find both of these offerings incredibly underwhelming.

(Michael) #33

Shame it’s not popped up on mine. Would definitely give it a whirl, especially with the fact I very regularly travel!

(Adam) #34

Looks very much like what was shown in the focus group interviews!

Have to admit I wasn’t keen on the card colours - thought the black was too corporate and the blue looked like a Co-op or Barclays card.

That reminds me… I never got the 30 quid they promised!


I have Revolut Metal and get access for £12.99 a month to :

*20% Discounted Device Insurance
*Travel Insurance
*Medical Insurance
*Metal Card
*0.1% Cashback
*Concierge Support
*Travel Delay Insurance
*Free disposable virtual card
*Airport Lounge Access with first pass free.
*Priority CS Support.
*£600 a month fee free abroad.

Therefore, this does pale in comparison at the moment and people might struggle seeing the benefits.

(Martin Jones) #36

I would gladly give you my trial if I could as I just wouldnt use it, surely if you contact them they might let you in as it will benefit them

(Jai Sullivan) #37

Little bit underwhelming, I appreciate this is early days but I’m really hoping for decent phone insurance (ie. a replacement phone the next day). That’s the only thing that’s keeping my CA open with Natwest.

(Michael) #38

I wonder if @cookywook or @BethS can shed some light on if this is possible!

(Jon Crozier) #39

I’d have been interested in the trial but no feed item for me :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:
Liked the idea of the £3 a month bundle, got to say though, mobile phone insurance would be a great idea. I was tempted by So-Sure, they look very monzo like. A partnership with them would be great.

(Myles Carey) #40

Starling also have this on their marketplace. Looks good