Monzo plus feedback - reply for the thread

Hi everyone :wave:

We just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the feedback so far. We’re reading every reply, and it’s all helping to inform the next steps for Monzo Plus. The thread is getting a bit heated, so we wanted to post a reminder about what we’re doing (remember: this is still a very-small experiment) and a summary of the feedback we’re hearing from you.

Earlier this week, @luba shared an update on why we’re doing this test and what we’re hoping to find out. Give it a read here:

And here’s a summary of what you’re telling us here in this thread:

1. You like the new card colours…

But maybe it’s a lot to pay…

2. You don’t find the current travel insurance exciting enough

3. And you think it’s over-priced

4. There are some questions about whether the supporters package offers enough value

5. And you asked whether the people that signed up during this small trial are locked into the payments

To answer that last question: yes, the people that signed up for the offers are ‘tied-in’ to them. They’ve agreed to pay what they’re paying and we don’t think it was unclear. But we’ll give these people lots of notice if anything changes about what we’re offering them (say, we add something else to the bundle). And again, it’s a very small number of folks.

Please do keep the feedback coming. This thread is really important to us and we’re reading every post. We want Monzo Plus to be the best it can be and feedback from you, our most passionate community members, is invaluable - as are the insights from the people receiving and taking up the offers through the app.

So we’d love to keep this thread open. It’d be great if you could help us with that by not bringing in unrelated discussions (please create or join another thread for those) or repeating the same points over and over. Thank you!