Monzo Plus - what would you like to see?

We’ve launched Monzo Plus - and as of today, you can now join the waitlist :tada:

Learn more about what we’ve launched with, and our plans longer term here:

We’re building Monzo Plus around you - so we’d love to know what you’d find helpful.

  • What features would make your life easier?
  • How could we relieve some of the stresses around your finances?
  • How would you like Monzo Plus to work?

Remember, it doesn’t have to be directly linked to banking!

We’ll be adding more features soon, too - keep an eye on for updates :eyes:


Would love phone/device insurance


Hi @Sheri, I’m guessing you’ve already got quite far with some ideas internally?

Would it be possible to share those? Or are you looking for completely new ideas?

My issue (which may be mine alone), is that by opening it up to a world of infinite possibilities, nothing ever sticks, and people just come up with very unique ideas that affect them alone - Especially if it doesn’t need to be banking related.

Edit (as you’ve just changed the post :joy:)

Will this be available on Joint Accounts?

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Thinking on the fly, I’d love someone to periodically review my account and give me tips and tricks to make my money work better. A short webex followed up with an email summary would be fab.

Then for products I’d like phone insurance and maybe the option to buy larger ticket items at 0% apr over a small number of months “Split this payment in to three!”.


I thought this had been discussed extensively when monzo plus was originally announced.


This isn’t coming up on the Joint Account right now. That’s the only thing I’d want it for, as I currently get all of the benefits of a “Plus” account on my dormant JA with Nationwide.

Edit: It’s now active on JA

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we’re offering a discounted monthly rate of £3 for these core features. (We’ll change this to £6 a month later this year.)


And I thought £3 a month was unreasonable, but you’re planning on making a card and a url £6 a month? Really? For something that costs you almost nothing?


£3 is cool, but £6 a month seems steep to me for a new card colour, a link and some events that I wouldn’t be able to attend anyway (I’m in the north), and I’m assuming the swag is only at the events.

I’m fine with paying extra for the extra services such as insurance but for me personally I wouldn’t sign up without the £3 offer. When I think about other services I get for £6 or a little bit more, this is too much. The only two I can use are a piece of plastic and a link that costs you virtually nothing.



I cant find this on my profile?


Slightly curious, are there investor variants of the Plus cards or are the flourishes mutually exclusive?


Mobile phone & gadget insurance is top of my list and the only thing that would make me consider using Monzo Plus :iphone: £6 is also ridiculously expensive for what you’re offering here, in my opinion, although I appreciate others may feel differently.


Since I’m already getting a great deal with Nationwide Flex Plus (mobile phone insurance, travel insurance, breakdown, etc), until you can match their offer, I won’t be leaving them completely. I understand that as a younger bank, this isn’t going to be feasible straight off the bat, but it’s all about value for money at the end of the day.

I have joined the waitlist, since I enjoy supporting Monzo. But, as others have echoed, I wouldn’t be subscribing for £6/month; certainly not for the basic features.


This is what baffles me. I love Monzo, but £6 a month seems like a big stretch for what is on offer in core features. Let’s not make this about Monzo being a newish company either, that makes no difference to consumers. I pay two pound more a month for thousands of hours of video content that costs millions to produce.


Hey @nickh! We’ve shared what’s currently available, as well as what our longer term vision for Monzo Plus is here:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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I don’t see anything either.


Thanks, I responded initially before you changed the post :smiley:

It’s not clear from the wording, but is the £3 per month for life for those early adopters, or will it change to £6 for everyone when it changes?


I understand you need to make money, but if people that love Monzo won’t pay £6 a month for those core features, good luck getting the average person to. But we’ll see I guess.


That’s exactly why our early adopter pricing is £3 :wink:


OK, having looked through it, here is my feedback.

Custom urls used to be free for everyone if they contacted CS (as long as it was a variant of your name). This feels a tad tight to now include this behind a paywall, although if I can have, I may reconsider (other Superhero/Cartoon names also accepted…)

Monzo Plus cards are a nice touch, but again… They don’t add anything to my life (or anyone’s life), apart from those who really want to distinguish between personal and joint cards (it wasn’t dubbed the Monzo Fan package for nothing).

There are already free Monzo socials, and you can buy swag from the shop? If you started making swag available to Plus customers only, it would look petty… Making socials exclusive to plus customers comes across the same IMO.

So as of right now, I don’t see how someone could justify the cost, but I appreciate people will want a different coloured card, and that may be enough.

The insurance is an unknown add on, and until we know the cost, it’s impossible to judge.

The extra foreign ATM limit is just going to raise even more comparisons with other banks who offer an unlimited withdrawal limit for free (we are going to get the whole “Monzo charge for this, XXX bank don’t”.

Appreciate it’s extremely early days, and so much can/will change.

But that would be my initial feedback on what is available as of right now :smiley:


I see that, but what makes you think £6 is worth what you’re offering? Two of them, let’s be honest, cost almost nothing. The other is highly restrictive. The non offer price should be what you think it’s worth, and I’d love to see how it is worth that.