Monzo Plus worthwhile?

Keen to know if people think Monzo Plus is worthwhile? I don’t plan on traveling outside the UK in the next 8/10 months as saving for a house. So cannot see a reason to currently sign up for it.

So keen to know what others think? And what people who have signed up have found of it?

It’s not going to help you save for a house. But if a different coloured card is important to you…?

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There are lots of peoples thoughts in this topic:

This one:

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And this one:

Some like it, others are holding out for metal cards, gadget insurance and such. It all varies :slight_smile:

“Earn interest on your balance” might help you to save for a house :slight_smile:
…have the Plus and waiting for all the benefits to arrive soon. Should be good. Also waiting for that metal card :smile:

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So on the current set up am I able to earn interest on my Current account if I am using the monzo Plus account?

For Plus it’s in “coming soon” stage now. So…not right now.

So I guess as its monzo “coming soon” can mean a day or sometimes a couple of months I have found…

Far better to save with a cash LISA. 25% is better than 1% :slight_smile:


It says “coming 2019”. Might be couple a months…

It is also worth noting, that recently Monzo sent some questionnaires out to current Monzo Plus customers on rates of interest they’d be interested in seeing on their account balance.

Only one of those (if you had you account full) being the 1% on £10,000 would actually “net” you any gain (taking into account he “actual” price of Plus being £6 pcm).

Probably :slight_smile:
Earning interest on your balance is also nice tho.
Altho Starling Bank gives this feature in regular accounts. Would be nice to have some +% for Plus users and base rate for regular accounts.

Ive spoken to someone from Monzo Plus and i said to them i dont agree with the price going up to 6 pound for people who just want the basics and the different coloured card i said i can understand for people who want the extras but not everyone wants the extras

When is the price going up!

After the 3 pound offer ends


And when people year contract ends

I’m a Plustomer but not because of what is on offer now, more because of what may be offered in the future. It is still early days for Plus and it will hopefully grow to be a benefit offering tier - with benefits that have value for me.

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Curious to know why you think that?

I think it should stay 3 pound for customers who dont want the add on extras

Best answer ever! :rofl: