Monzo, or Royal Mail, lost my cheque

So, because Monzo scrapped the feature to pay in cheques via the app, I posted it off using the ‘Freepost Monzo’ a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve heard absolutely nothing since …it hasn’t shown up in the account and I’ve got no way of tracing it. It was for fifty quid so not thousands but equally it’s fifty quid I don’t want to lose.

I took photos of the front and the back of the cheque but I’m guessing that’s no use anyway but gives me something to look at?

Really unimpressed with this. Chatted to support who couldn’t come up with any solution. So that’s supposed to be it?

I don’t post out cheques for that reason.

But what would you expect out of monzo at this point?

Can you get the person/company to cancel and reissue the cheque?

Why did they scrap the scan into app option?

Monzo has never had this feature. It was planned but now indefinitely delayed.


It wasn’t implemented. More info here;

Shame - would have solved the lost in post option and good marketing collateral for a branch less bank

I just had a horrible feeling that it’d vanish and, yup, it did. But there seems to be no support or way to find out what the hell happened.

I won’t be doing it again that’s for sure, but it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get the cheque reissued.

If they didn’t receive the cheque then unfortunately there’s no information they can give you

I personally would have used the tracking service. It might have cost a couple of quid (no idea how much it actually is) but 48 quid (or whatever) is better than zero.

EDIT: It’s £6.60 for tracked, £1.90 for ‘signed for’.

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How long does Monzo suggest it should take from the day you post it?

I know there is a figure of 5-7 days, but is that from when they receive it?

Great, thanks!

I sent one at Christmas and it was 3 weeks because they were so busy

The worrying thing is they had to say don’t write it on the envelope…


I was worried this might happen to me. My parents and some others still occasionally write me cheques. That’s why I’ve gone full Monzo manually and kept my old account open. It’s a shame there isn’t a way to deposit cheques at the Post Office or some other way.

You can have the issuer cancel the cheque and issue you a new one. Then you can send it signed for mail. That’s usually good enough and it’s not overly expensive. Funny enough puts it around the same cost of putting cash in.

Mail doesn’t normally get lost, but it happened ok rare occasions. A lot of the time it’s eventually delivered, but that’s no use for cheques.

Other option is to open a bank account with a bank that supports check imaging or cheque deposits via atm, post office, and branch. (There are banks that support all 4 options)

Why is this unlikely? If it’s a company they’ll be fine with cancelling and reissuing another cheque. That’s how cheques are designed to work, after all.

How did the original cheque reach you? By post?

I have to admit, the cheque deposit functionality in many of the legacy bank apps is one of the reasons I’d suggest continuing to hold an account with them. That and the ability to deposit cash.