Cashing in cheque with Monzo

Hello, does anyone know how they can cash cheque with Monzo that’s over £500? What’s the safest way to do it? I worry about sending the cheque and it getting lost in the mail.

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The only way I know is via post office but do it tracked if you’re worried about it getting lost.

If under £1,000 then open a Starling Bank account which will be almost instant.

Otherwise open a Lloyds Banking Group account for up to £10,000 per cheque (though that will take a while to set up).

Also: ✅ Cheque Imaging 📱


100% do this rather than posting it, if you install the app and set up an account you’d have your cheque uploaded and pending within 30 minutes.


How does it work if you sent a cheque Tracked 24/48 and Monzo lost it? I presume* they’d compensate the whole value if it was small, say sub ~£100, and any greater you’d get compensation for having to get another one sent

*resolved complaints for 3 banks Feb-Aug '23. this was my rationale several times, we could use our own judgement.

I seem to recall someone mentioning in the past that Monzo lost their cheque and they asked for a replacement to be sent.

I can’t see you getting compensation. The ombudsman reward very little compensation for a lot more serious things in my experience.

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Why was I encouraged to be so generous then? We even had KPIs for how much we doled out every month.

Why are Monzo so stingy?

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I can’t answer how the system with your employer works and what that meant for your relationship with them :man_shrugging:

I’m just sharing my experience from reading what people have written on here. From reading the comments on the community I also observe that Monzo throw compensation around all over the place but I’ve not heard of it being done for a lost cheque. Probably because it’s rare it happens?

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Not overly generous, just considerate enough to resolve the concerns raised and, in theory, avoid sending to the ombudsman.


True, not one of my several hundreds of resolved ones were ever sent to FOS.

Because @ordog is wrong and Monzo are stingy.

If someone complained and took them to the ombudsman ~£100 is about the typical compensation you could expect. Possibly higher.

And there are other costs associated with complaints being escalated to the ombudsman d too. Your bank is more interested in avoiding that than Monzo is.


Got to love a good old fashioned Monzo hypothetical debate!


Banks are generous at complaint level, usually starting £25 for each concern as a minimum.

Monzo had a wild way of doing it though, and unusual amounts :sweat_smile:


Never given out less than £80 but that’s just me. Though all mine were relatively complicated and not just minor niggles.

Hi all, what happens when you don’t hear back from MONZO at all about the cheque? I don’t know how to get in touch with their support, I can only find FAQ pages but now I’m really worried about a missing cheque. Royal mail said it’s delivered with signature.

Press this on your phone