Freepost vs Paid for cheques

Just curious as to whether anybody has actually tested the percentage of Cheques that get through via Freepost and the number that get through in the normal post.
Just as I used a stamp to be sure and its being paid in a couple of days and was just curious if there were any stats on it?

I will always avoid this service, don’t want to risk money with posting checks. Only reason I still have my Lloyd’s account open. If you don’t want to lose your money or risk it, use a bank is what I would suggest. :slightly_smiling_face:

I posted with the cheques in a blank card with a stamp(worked perfectly fine). This is what I was wondering for every cheque that is posted how many are lost.
Freepost vs Paid stamp.
Also what of the ones that go missing how many are due to external factors. I was wondering if Monzo had any statistics on it.

I’ve posted two cheques to monzo and family members have also used the freepost service :grin: so far so good!

I’m not aware of any stats - are you wondering if a customer has tested sending a handful of cheques to monzo using the regular & freepost in order to check that 100% are successful? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was more wondering if Monzo had tested it, i.e sent a 50 out from various points in the UK and see how many make it back. Just as I think it would allay some people’s fears if they knew the risk/I’m just interested :joy:

Ohhh gotcha :smile:

I’ll see if I can dig out a post in the morning :eyes: I recall monzo posting about their freepost testing (either on the forum or in a blog post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) this was definitely tested by monzo, I’m just not sure to what extent :yum: - almost definitely a good enough one though :tada:

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Freepost works the same as any other letter being sent through Royal Mail. The only reason it would get lost is if your hand writing couldn’t be interpreted as “Freepost Monzo”.

Monzo pay a fee per letter they recieve through freepost. As far as Royal Mail are concerned, that letter is still paid for and is just as important as any other 1st or 2nd class letter :slight_smile:


I sent through a cheque as first class once as it was over £100, worth it in my opinion - especially if they are cheques you would struggle to get replaced (e.g. HMRC).

So far, we’ve sent 3 envelopes to Monzo with cheques (one contained two cheques) all by Freepost IIRC. The last one, just before Christmas, was returned to us the next day - Royal Mail decided the 2" square small sticky label with tightly written address holding the envelope shut was the delivery address and not the big ‘FREEPOST MONZO’ (1" high) address on the front of the envelope. Gave it back to the postman and a couple of weeks later (Christmas break and Monzo had a backlog) it showed up and today they were credited to our account.

So if anything any current issues are from the Royal Mail side

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