Paying Cheque in - Lost Post

Hi All

Having recently got married, and also gone Full-Monzo, we are in the situation where we need to pay in cheques from our kind guests.

I understand the situation:

Take Photo of Cheque
Write Account number on rear of cheque

As I’m concerned about post getting lost, I will gladly send it via recorded/special post. But my question is around “What if the post gets lost?”.

Will Monzo honour the cheque if I produce the photos? Or do I have to claim from Royal Mail for the value of the cheques?

Thanks in advance.

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Highly unlikely, I think.

You could, but I’d suggest asking your guests for new cheques, if you can bear it. It’ll be much quicker and simpler.

On the other hand, although it’s possible for the cheques to get lost in the post, it’s very unlikely.

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I agree with @Anarchist, it’s highly unlikely a photo would be accepted. Monzo cannot clear cheque by image alone right now, which leads to me believe they’d need the physical thing.

I doubt Royal Mail would pay a claim for a cheque, as the cheque is technically worthless - it’s just an instruction for a bank to make a transfer. The transfer is valuable, but as that hasn’t happened technically no money would be “lost”.

I’m afraid sending the cheques by special delivery or tracked is your best bet. You may find it worthwhile to have the peace of mind opening a secondary bank account just for the purposes of paying in cheques. It’s something you have to weigh up yourself though, because as @Anarchist says, you could always ask for a second copy of the cheque and tell the sender it was lost in the event they go missing.

Awesome, thanks both.

I guess I was questioning the purpose behind the instruction to take a photo. If it’s as proof for RoyalMail, then fine … but if they wouldn’t pay out anyway … then very strange!

I spoke to my wife, and she’s keen to just approach people and say “Hey we don’t have a joint account just yet … could you re-issue the cheque please?” … I find it a little rude to have to ask though.


Hmm I actually don’t see an instruction to take a photo of it first. Do you see it in the app or did customer support suggest that? (or elsewhere)

This is what I see on the Add Money->Cheque Screen

Might be under the “High Value” link at the bottom.

Otherwise, it is here:

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If you are getting cheques quite regularly, I’d open a bank account that does cheque imaging.


Agreed … not planning on getting married again though!! Can’t afford it! :stuck_out_tongue:


An option would be to buy consequential loss insurance, depending on the value of the cheques and how much royal mail will charge, that should cover the value of a cheque if they won’t pay out normally.

(Click on faq if link doesn’t work)

If you’ve got a legacy bank account pay the cheques in using a paying in book at a branch or via the post office then when cleared transfer the funds to your Monzo account

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B account from Clydesdale has this. I receive about 2-3 cheques a year and it’s all I use it for.