Monzo now lets you get paid a day early, for free

I think the difficulty is automating it but also spreading the load.

If they pay everyone at 16:01 that will cause chaos. If they stagger it or at random, people will complain that it’s later than it was last month.

What they have now is probably the best mix. I tend to get mine at the first point I remember after 4pm, certainly sooner than I ever get the notification.

So many people don’t understand this feature and every month there’s newbies making threads asking about it, it’s even worse when there’s a Bank Holiday involved. A better help article/help or some sort of “If you get paid on xx” etc.

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It won’t. The back-end can cope with this load like it can with millions of credit and debit transactions outside of Get-paid-early.

The danger is people relying on it when there are issues beyond :monzo:'s control - like employers changing payment methods or people changing jobs. Then people scream “claiming my payment early stopped working, Monzo sucks, etc.”

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Not quite what a staffer is saying, I’m sure there’s reasons they decided to never automate and this is probably why

Well, he doesn’t say it will cause chaos or bring the server down, he just points out they are applying the general design principle of spreading loads.

I don’t think it should be automatic really, I guess the purpose of this feature is a little feeling of joy when you put your salary in early, when you automate you lose that and it just becomes an expectation.

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If it’s automated it massively reduces the novelty, and people just expect it, Monzo would want the customer reminded each time that they are doing them a favour by giving the money early and hope they pass on the word to others.

I can go some time without opening the app, and giving users another reason to open the app gives Monzo another chance to push information such as the info cards at the top of the feeds.


I’m due to be paid Monday. So can I get my money today at 4pm??

Does it show greyed out in your feed?

If not, then you’ll probably have to wait for Monday.

This is what it shows today. I’m due to be paid Monday and it says this today

So yes, check back at 4pm to get the money early.

Like the app says.





Same situation as me though. 3 days early which is nice so I can get some Christmas shopping done and dusted at the weekend :santa:

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Does yours say check back at 4pm today? Shame
Can’t have it now I need it to go collect my car it’s being serviced lol

It’s always 4pm,and its manual not automatic


Yes it says exactly the same. What @anon21501491 says above is true also :point_up: it has never been available prior to 4pm.

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Or don’t buy dusty things and then you won’t have to dust them :no_mouth:

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His car? How did you know that are you a mindreader :eyes:


What is the reason for the £20,000 limit on this feature (payments over this amount do not qualify). Is it a technical reason? Just curious.

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Good question. I guess it’s a liability reason in that they don’t want to risk more than that. Technically pay early is a loan.