Monzo now lets you get paid a day early, for free

Today, we’re excited about launching Get Paid Early!

You can now get your salary paid a day early, for free! No cost, not hassle. Just more time with your money.


No blog post? :open_mouth:

Edit: Just seen the edit :wink:

The best part about getting paid early is that if it is due Monday you can get it 3 days early and ready for the weekend. Can’t believe you’ve not mentioned this in the post :cry:


Looking forward to testing this out next week!

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Perfect timing, just before a bank holiday week. Looking forward to seeing this in action


If your due to be paid on the Tuesday after Easter you’ll get on Thursday?

Or if your due to be paid the day after Boxing Day, and Christmas Day is a Monday, you’ll be paid on the previous Friday?

Mind blown :exploding_head: It’s a huge thing.

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how useless it is getting paid early because you have to wait longer until your next payday. However, if you earn some more interest or would be investing it for example - you can actually benefit from it.

There are a lot of positive use cases for it :slight_smile:


If you earn interest on the account, does you get an extra day’s interest on the early payment (or more if it’s weekend/bank holiday)?


I think the Friday vs Monday is the best use of it and should be highlighted


I personally don’t see a huge benefit in receiving your money 8 hours early in all honesty. However, I’m due to be paid on a Monday in September so I’ll be able to advance my money on the Friday and that is the huge bit, I agree!


Or paying less in overdraft fees, I guess.

I’m of the opinion that any benefits are going to be pretty marginal for most people. There will still be 12 paydays per annum for those paid monthly, after all.


Good idea

I suppose there’s a good use case for those working multiple part time jobs / multiple income streams. IF you have 2 or 3 paydays a month and bills depending on those figures then it could be a godsend.

It feels like this is a tool that most of the gains are for the people with less of a financial buffer, or in overdraft. I can imagine students would be grateful of their loan payments one day early for sure!


I’m not really convinced by this, to be honest. I think those people will gain and lose through the year.

For clarity, I’m not against Monzo introducing this. For most people, it’ll do no harm, and be a bit of fun. Some will gain a day’s interest here and there, and some will pay less overdraft fees some months.

The big winner is Monzo, though. I can imagine in work places up and down the country, people bragging that they got paid early because their pay is paid into Monzo, and Monzo seeing a surge in salaries being paid in from those companies.


That’s why they developed it really though, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:



If I’d been in charge, I’d have been monitoring the take up of new accounts and of people from companies having their salary paid in during the roll out.



so i get paid Friday this week anyway, so i’ll see that money on Thursday now… the month later, it’s supposed to be a Monday, so i get it the Friday (woohoo, i’ve just saved myself from a 5 weekend month), but then October is a Tuesday, so i get it Monday - oh… i’ve just had a 5 weekend month.

It makes hardly any difference in my opinion.


I get paid by Faster Payments noooooooooooo :frowning:


This is where I’ve been from day 1 with this “feature”. It certainly feels far more like a social marketing feature than a genuinely useful one…

IMO, you’d have to have zero accessible funds elsewhere, be in your overdraft or about to enter your overdraft, and effectively be operating on the bread line for this to be useful for those 8 hours…

All of this “I get it before the weekend” business, implies that you have no other money available at all, and if that’s the case, there are far more important things to worry about that getting paid a few days early.

The only downside I can see is if that person who is desperate for it on the Friday before their scheduled pay day on the Monday, receives it then… They’ll have a 33/34 day month next time, which could cause them much more harm than good.

Other than that… Nice to see a feature actually finished :joy:


It doesn’t benefit anyone, seriously. All your paydays are moved forward, so nothing changes. Am I the only one who looks at it this way, what am I missing?!

If there are 28 days between your current paydays, and you get paid early with monzo, there will still be 28 days between your paydays.


Also, your money has to last longer, because you won’t be getting it before the weekend next month.