Get Paid Early - "When Will I Get Paid" Calculator

So I’ve been thinking about all the requests that come to the forum along the lines of “I normally get paid on [Bank Holiday], when can I use Get Paid Early”.

And I had a slow day at work so I made a rough calculator in Google Sheets

If you want to know when a specific Pay Day will allow you to get paid early - pop the date in here:

It should go as far as all the bank holidays in 2023.

Any dates look wrong? Any feedback? Can you break it?


Working day before shouldn’t need a calculator. It’s just the working day before


I would agree but it does seem to come up enough so…


Also Google Sheet’s data validation is not helpful:

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Does this break it for everyone?! :joy::speak_no_evil:

I’ll stop now.


Yeah Google Sheets may not be the best way to do this, I’ve just realised.

Turns out everything is visible for everyone, all of the time.

And their data validation rules are not helpful.

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Looks really nice! :grin: Did you have to do much manual work or was it simple to automate this in Sheets? :eyes:

I’ve written something like this in Python – my end goal is to throw Django around it and build a web interface so it’s friendlier and wayyy more accessible :spider_web:

But this is as far as I’ve got so far :wink: (it fires a Slack webhook and prints something into a channel on Monzo’s Slack at 4pm on payday :tada:)


On a hidden sheet there is a long list of dates that looks like this:


And a 2nd list of Bank Holiday dates.

Everything except the “Date” column is done with a formula to calculate what “type” of day it is, and the nearest paid early date.

Then the front page just does a lookup against this data.

I was more curious how I’d answer the “how do you find the working day before”, using Excel.


This is amazing @BritishLibrary :tada:


Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a sheet to tell you, some fancy coding or even if it was built into the app to tell you the exact date.

They’ll still find there way to the forum, not search for anything and ask that same question, which was answered one post below the new one 🤦😂


I’m sure you’re right in that it will always come up. (Although building it into the app isn’t a bad idea …)

Though the other day I did write a comment on a wiki page along the lines of “How can we use more Community pages / Wiki posts to solve common problems”, so I guess this is me actually trying to add value to the forum rather than just being spammy about pens for once :wink:


I think its great that you at least had a go. Well done. R-


Pens are more interesting at least :sweat_smile:

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So if I’m normally paid on the 31st, which this time around is a Tuesday, and I could usually claim it the working day before, ie on Monday, but that’s a bank holiday, and the spreadsheet says that I can claim on Friday, when will I actually be able to claim my pay? Does anyone know? :thinking:

This is a great tool @BritishLibrary but I worry that if people can’t count one working day back from their payday, they also won’t be able to make this spreadsheet work


Thank u, I never know when I get paid :sweat_smile:


That’s a sign you really don’t need the money :eyes:


That’s a sign you really don’t need the money :eyes:

All I’m saying is that next to TikTok, my #2 most used app is YNAB :eyes: :pray:


It should be the Friday because that is the working day prior to your pay day :slight_smile:

Assuming your employer has done the BACS set up properly, it should land on 4pm on the previous working day, which would be today, for Tuesday.

I know :slightly_smiling_face: I’m just preempting the questions that will undoubtedly still pop up on the forum because people can’t be bothered to count the days themselves

And, I’ll get paid on Tuesday anyway, because I bank with Barclays, I’m sad like that

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