Get Paid Early (Discussion)

I received a notification this morning that I could get my money early, and I remember reading about this somewhere on the forum recently.

However, when I tapped the notification, nothing happened, it just loaded my feed.

I can see an incoming payment is due tomorrow so I assume this would be the one I could get early, but as far as I can tell there’s no option anywhere.

Shame as I would have liked the money today :joy: I wonder if it’s just a broken link in the notification? Or maybe something to do with me being on the new layout?


Ooo, exciting. I imagine this is close to rolling out and it’s bugged out a bit with the notification.

Essentially, I believe, you’ll be able to get access to the pending BACS transfer a day earlier.


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Be good to see this as it’s a feature of my “legacy” bank that I do miss. Although in saying that I’m now used to budgeting correctly from payday to payday


now this woud be amazing can monzo confirm this.

That would be in the Android teardowns :smiley:

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They have confirmed this already

(at least that they were working on ti)

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New one for me today as well!


I got paid yesterday and sadly didn’t get this coming up. Is it being built for JA?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry :speak_no_evil: I think we all know the answer to this one :cry:




I got the notification, but had to go into the notification pane in the monzo app to enable it.

Only on my JA, but thought that was just because I have a BACS payment coming in tomorrow.

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:thinking: what was behind the how it works link?

In my haste I forgot to screenshot that.

Basically it talked about BACs payments and how they pay the money early.

Equally it stated that it for whatever reason there were issues with the money being paid from your employer, Monzo had a right to take back the payment.

I’ve said yes to it. May aswell have my money 9 hours earlier. Nice little feature though.

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I got this notification today on both my Solo Account and Joint Account so looks as though it will be working on both. Will find out for sure at 4pm I guess! We often get payments coming in on a Monday so I wonder if those will be made available on the Friday with it being last banking day prior to the payment due, or the Sunday…


The fact you got the notification today may suggest its ready and waiting? (Do you usually get the greyed out notification on the Friday (saying it’ll deposit on Monday) or Sunday? Monzo process transactions on the weekend (as far as I know) so could be Sunday.

Good work Monzo. Got my salary a day early :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:

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So how does this work? is the greyed out amount already sitting in Monzo’s bank account ready to be released in the following day?

Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong but - I think it is that the instruction to make the payment has already been sent (and received by Monzo) so they know that money will be received the next day - so in Monzo’s eyes its going to hit and so they give it to you early.


from 4pm day theyknow with certainly