Monzo now lets you get paid a day early, for free

Nice problem to have :slight_smile:


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I set my own personal record last month, by claiming my salary within 21 seconds

Can I beat that this time around? Lets find out at 4pm (ish)


Did you beat it?

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Nope! Someone called me just before, so I was late to get to it.

I’ll try harder in April.


And people say the live data export isn’t useful!


Well I get paid Monday and on Friday before I’ve not been offered the pay early feature! Says on my pay slip I’m paid via bacs. Can’t even see my pay as pending

Then you’re not being paid via BACS on Monday. What it says on the payslip doesn’t really mean anything.

Monzo would show it to you and let you claim it by now if they could.

Is this your first month getting paid your salary into your Monzo account?


A lot of people, and companies, use the term BACS as a shortcut for electronic payments of all kinds, so what your payslip says isn’t necessarily accurate. You might really be paid by Faster Payments.


See here for info on how to check for sure if a payment/credit has been made via BACS or Faster Payment:


Hey I’m due to be paid 28th of next week so will I get it Friday or will I need to wait for the exact date. Thanks

Is there a bank holiday on Tuesday where you are?

If so, and you’re paid by BACS, it’ll hit Monday at the end of the clearing cycle. That means you’ll be able to claim it at 4pm on Friday.

If not, you’ll be able to claim at 4pm on Monday the 27th.


Thank you.

Is there a forum for Christmas payments?
I get my main pay 28th of December 2023 will I get that the Friday before due to holidays? Many thanks

The 27th December is not a bank holiday, so you’ll get your pay then.

I just looked that up, and on the official page it only lists the 25th and 26th as bank holidays, but on my imported UK holidays calendar it also lists the 27th as a bank holiday… however I think that’s wrong.

It is wrong. Wednesday 27 December is a normal working day.


Thank you. I saw on the Christmas Early payments for last year 28th was paid early so I just wanted to double check. Thank you again.

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