Get Paid Early - "When Will I Get Paid" Calculator

Faster Payments don’t work with get paid early.

On the pay slip it says backs but when it went into my first direct account it shows as payment credit. So I think they do it as faster payment transfer and set it for 3 days. I’ll see this month as im having my salary paid into Monzo now and closed my first direct . Thanks

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If it shows up in your feed as “Arriving on [day]” / “In x Days” type message then it likely will be BACS - I think that’s the only incoming transaction that shows up like that.

If it just arrives in your feed without any prior notice - then it isn’t BACS and won’t be Get Paid Earlyable


It doesn’t help that lots of people (including businesses) say “BACS transfer” when they mean Faster Payment. I’m forever being asked by people to pay them by BACS.

You’d expect payroll software to get it right, though…


Thank you


If you find the last paid salary/wage/incoming transaction in your feed (from your employer) and tap on it to show the details:

  • if you have a ‘Your history with…’ at the bottom section of the transaction details , it’s a Faster Payment
  • if you don’t have a ‘Your history with…’ at the bottom section of the transaction details , it’s a BACS transfer

My payslip has said ‘BACS’ for decades, but it has always been paid via FP


Just wondering whether ‘get-it-at-4pm-the-day-before’ is also in IOS? Just thinking of swapping Eco-Systems??

Yep, core feature across both operating systems.

There’s a wiki somewhere that’ll tell you what the differences are. The core banking stuff is the same though!




Please ignore this - took me a couple of seconds to work out my own problem. If anybody else is having this issue, use the Sheets app to copy this doc and you are able to access it fully

I am more than capable of working out my pay date but I like using your calculator as a “just in case” :joy:

I am struggling to access it. Is it possible for me to bypass this message, or would you please be able to update it?

Thanks so much

I think Google for some reason turns of sharing after a certain amount of time which is why you may need to save a copy of it first.

Lemme check that setting!

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I think this is the first time my ‘get paid early’ has been delayed like this due to traffic.


It happened to me last month, and now again

Maybe I was quicker on the draw (desperate) this month compare to most months.

Took a while for me today too

Anyone paid tomorrow not got there pay showing up yet? Checked company payslips and all looks good on that side, dated tomorrow.

It might be delayed, might be getting paid a different way, or may still appear in the morning :slight_smile: No reason to worry at this point :smiley:

Yeah just odd so wanted to see if affecting others. Been with the company over 2 years so for it to suddenly not work had to think maybe it was a monzo issue

I get paid tomorrow and it has been showing all weekend for me.

If due Monday 31st July when will I get paid early please?