Monzo NOT On Credit Report

So I know there are questions relating to why Monzo may appear on a credit report, but are there any potential issues where it doesn’t appear?

Checking my Experian, Call Credit, and Equifax files I have no account for Monzo, despite having a current account since August.

My Starling and Natwest are there.

I am considering switching fully to Monzo, but if there are then zero bank accounts listed on my credit files, will this be problematic? My credit card, for example, used my bank details to aid in verification of credit when I applied - with no bank account to match up to will this decline in the future?

Even if Monzo were to appear on Call Credit, would it be an issue that it didn’t appear on the other two?

To note: I do not have an overdraft, at any of the three banks.


I don’t know the answer, but if I was at all concerned about it I’d leave the other accounts open.


It should only appear on Call Credit, I believe. For me, it doesn’t appear on any of my reports either. Asked customer service, and they couldn’t explain it.

I believe the most likely reason to be a mismatch of name or address, which makes Call Credit think the person holding the Monzo account is a different person from the person holding the accounts on your report. I.e. there may now be two reports: One for “Coffee Madman” and one for “Coffee Mad Man”, if you get what I mean. But this is pure speculation!

A few pertinent questions:

  • Is your “preferred name” different from your “legal name”?
  • Have you spelled your name and / or address differently on Monzo than on other accounts? Maybe skipped a middle name, or similar?
  • Did you give your DOB (or other personal information) differently?
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Nope it’s all correct and the same.

The question still remains of whether one should have at least one bank account on all 3 credit agencies?

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I would leave it open, despite (or maybe because) not knowing the answer. (Also, who knows what it might be good for one day? Monzo is so severely limited at the moment, and at least for the medium-term future, that I would not want to burn my bridges.)

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Hey Jonathon,

So after speaking with the Lending team, they advised that the best thing to do would be to check your Call Credit data using Noddle, where it should appear.

We submit information to Call Credit but it’s not necessarily shared which might be why it doesn’t appear on the other two.

Hope this helps!

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Hey nope, not on Noddle at all.

Is there any advice on whether there is a disadvantage to not appearing on the other two? Particularly since they are more commonly searched.

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It shows up with me :man_shrugging:

It shows balance £0 as I’m not in my overdraft.

Mine’s showing on noodle as well

(Glad I checked that, it’s the complete opposite of Experian in terms of imaginary score)

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Do you have an overdraft?

Yes. Briefly got it on Tuesday but turned it off. Hard search shows for that but also authorisation search and quotation search when I opened the account

It’s supposed to show even without overdraft. (So I was told.)

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That’s what I figured but so far the people who have it on their account have an overdraft too so I can’t tell if I’m one of many or this is an issue I need to sort out.

As I said, I have 2 searches from Monzo from before I applied for an overdraft. It was added to my noodle file before the overdraft.

You might be a ghost…

I’m not talking about searches (I can’t see them and I’m not paying for it) but I can see open accounts which are permanently on the file. Monzo should be one of them.

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Oooh well that’s just bizarre then. It’s not an ID problem as it’s found you to put the search on your file

It’s in my other account section, last updated 1/4/18 which was pre overdraft

Can Monzo manually let Call Credit know I have an account?

Chasing this up for you now :+1: @coffeemadman


Someone from the Lending team is going to email CC to see what’s happened and get this sorted. I will keep you updated.


I don’t have an overdraft but my account does appear on noodle. So having an overdraft can’t be a factor