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I recent went #fullmonzo but a recent credit check bought back the below results:

“This sort code is invalid and is not registered to a UK bank.
This account number could not be checked as the sort code is invalid.”

Do I need a high-street bank just to maintain a credit history?

I’ve also noticed my Monzo account doesn’t appear on ClearScore…

Hi @Jordan02 ,

Monzo only currently report to one of the 3 largest credit reference agencies in the U.K. specifically Call Credit. I beilive in the future they are looking to expand to others m.

Services such as clearscore can vary slightly depending what agency they pull their information from.

No not at all, most lenders would check with more than one agency to find information about you so I’d be surprised if you had any issues. Although I’m sure someone else could clarify this.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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Isn’t any financial information at all sent by Monzo to the two biggest credit reference agencies, Experian and Equifax? Are you sure this is correct?

Not by seems of things

There was a bit of chatter about it here if you’re interested: Credit Referencing Agencies - are they a necessary evil?

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It is understandable that people want to use modern bank as their main banking hub but if Monzo only reports to callcredit, as it seems, it would be advisable if they also kept at least one current account with a legacy bank.

It is not fun to lack a strong credit record in the UK. It is essential to have it with all major agencies. A current account with a high street bank will maintain your record withh Experian, Equifax and CallCredit. A current account with Monzo will add to it. But don’t get rid your old-fashioned high street bank account just yet. It might help you and it definitely won’t hurt you.

Callcredit is now called Transunion and is actually the UKs fastest growing and second biggest credit reference agency so you should never have an issue with them. My Transunion credit file is by far the most accurate and comprehensive reflection of my finances

The error that @Jordan02 received sounds like a company which hasn’t updated their sort code file in a long time


This is not an issue related to credit checks.

This is because the company still hasn’t updated their sort code validation lists, something they’re supposed to do (as per BACS rules) every month, and yet the :monzo: sort code was created in April last year I believe, so they’re more than one year behind.

I’d say you dodged a bullet there. Don’t give these idiots any of your money and choose a more competent provider. :wink:


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