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Hi there

I’ve just gone to and found my username is jamesharrington3

When I try and change this it say’s it’s not possible right now. Is this something that is coming soon? I feel that having jamesharrington3 means a lazy person sending me money could just type jamesharrington and send the money to the wrong place (it’s sad, very sad but I do know people like this) plus is it would be great to actually be able to use my own choice as I could align it with my online identity.


You can ask through in app chat fo fit to be changed (maybe there are 3 james harringtons?) It has to be a name which is similar to your own.


I think the COps can change it for you, as long as your choice is available. Note that people paying you would just click the link you give them, so the above scenario is unlikely. You do the typing, or you can get the app to do it.


Completely understand. Have noticed on one or two occasions when I click on a link that it just drops to and asked me for the username.

I’ll ask them and see what they say :slight_smile:



If I remember correctly they can change it, but they won’t change it to some random username, let us know though.

Will do.

I’ve logged a chat in app so I’ll see what they say when they respond

They can change it for you. I got mine done with no issues :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t able to get my online username but they did change it from jamesharrington3 to jameswharrington

If anyone wants to send me some funds to check it works you’re more than welcome :wink:

On a seperate note the Authentication button in the chat app is a brilliant idea :bulb:. Made identifying me to customer service a piece of cake


Out of curiosity what did they ask you to authenticate you? I’ve not seen the new system yet but was a tad concerned with the previous one. Is it a separate page you open rather than in chat?


I then got prompted “in app” for my card PIN.


Nice that’s cool! Much more secure than previous


Monzo won’t change mine :rage:

Monzo: “I’m sorry, but we can’t set your username to ‘mememaster420’.” :rofl:

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Yeah, what was the reasoning of using real name in the url?

I thought your Name, Surname and Picture are already displayed on the page anyway so I cannot see why I can’t have whatever I want as a short username, e.g. like on :wink:

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We can change this but it needs to be a reasonable version of your name and not to be in use by someone else! :+1:

As as been observed, just give us a message through the app and we can sort it out for you

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Why? (not that I care too much about that, but I would just like to know)

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I agree… I’m not having a go, but why does it have to be a reasonable version of my name? The place I am most likely to use it is with friends or online all of whom know me by my pseudonym and my name

Never used before, how do I find out what my username is? On clicking the receive money bit it just tells me my name (which I know) and a link to
No mention of a username anywhere.

On the profile page of your app, under your pic and name

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Thanks @Rat_au_van - It was my fault, I didn’t have Payment with Friends turned on. Now that’s on I’ve got it populated.


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