I upgraded my account to Monzo Plus and I chose my name. Or at least I thought I had. In the [iPhone] App when I clicked the link - I think it was something like ‘share your username’ or something - it quickly jumped past the screen that displayed my chosen name so I couldn’t confirm it was set.

And I now can’t see anything in the app referring to Monzo .me, Monzo Plus or that I did upgrade other than that my card image is now blue and I received my new card.

I’m sure it was upgraded, I’m just not sure the name was changed even though I got a message saying it had been done.

If I go to a web browser and type in my Monzo .me name it comes up with ‘sorry, we couldn’t find anyone with that username’.

I can of course go into live chat and find out but I wanted to check I’ve not been an idiot before I do that!

Either way I do think it would be a good idea if whatever type of account we had, we were able to somehow see our Monzo .me name. If we are being encouraged to use it we need to know what it is - surely?

If you go to the Payments tab, hit Request and Share a link? This should then tell you whether the change was correct.


Do you have the Plus badge on your profile? That would indicate whether you’re a Plus member or not.

You can also set your URL in app, so just simply request whatever you want in the settings tab :slight_smile:

It’ll also tell you what your link is in your profile too.

Best way to check it is to do what @Wheatley said :slight_smile:

Not sure whether iPhone App is slightly different but in Android App it shows your Username in Account Tab.

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Damn I totally missed that! Yea, so it’s there, and what’s really odd is that I’ve just tried going to the link in my browser and it takes me to my page. Which it should of course. The funny thing is I checked before I posted this and it didn’t work, that’s why I asked. If it had worked it would have been a stupid question!!

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Yep I have the Plus badge, so that bit had worked :slight_smile:

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Glad you are up and running! I only knew it was there as I went looking for it too :wink:

The link might not of rolled out the first time you checked, can sometimes take a few minutes for any link changes to roll out so just bad timing.

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