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So I asked Monzo customer services to change the link name to something different to what I actually have. The agent then replied back hours later with details on how to change my name and if I want to Have the new name on the new card. I replied back saying why would I change my name to “PayNicky” ??? That would be ridiculous. I just wanted to change the link

You can’t change links anymore. It was a Plusv2 ‘perk’

This feels like a bit of a non-issue to me.

I don’t think this is an unreasonable question to ask. Support shouldn’t be making assumptions based on the customer’s preferred name. When customers ask for their link name to be updated, it makes sense to ask if they want anything else updated too.

If you don’t want it, just say no.

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I changed it last month via customer chat with no issues. Is this a new thing that’s just recently changed ?

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I asked for the link to be changed and he went on to sending me details of a name change rather than doing what I asked. Fair enough if he had said okay I have updated this for you and here are the links and details if you would also like your account name to be changed and here is how to do this by sending verified documents etc. but no he just said I needed to update the account name in order to do this and request a new card. People make matters more difficult and now it’s been passed on to someone else in a different department. This is now day two of a simple fix we should really be able to update ourselves in app

Odd. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, not since Plusv2

Just got through to someone now and they are asking me what I wish to change it to now.

Right, that bit wasn’t clear from your initial post. It sounded like they gave you the link to do what you’d asked and your issue was with them asking to change the card.

I wonder if there’s a limit on the number of times this can be changed without a legal name change that’s not being communicated here? It seems odd to allow a customer to just change their link every month.

Wasn’t clear? I just asked to change the link to something more memorable. Nothing about a name change of my legal name. The is a link to pay me with and nothing relating to legalities lol I asked them to change it and he did the Nicky Preston01 at first but I said I didn’t want that as it looks very robotic generated. I opted for N1ckyPreston which is better than the other he did lol

Why do you keep changing it?


Why don’t you keep changing it?


This was a rollercoaster. It’s not even 9am yet and I need a lie down.


I’ve flagged the post with the chat window in as it contains some details which I don’t know if you wanted show to all :slight_smile:

Wider picture, I don’t think this is all that bad actually. You asked to change your link (which to be fair how often to people really need to change that) and after perhaps mistaking a card name change they did it.

You then showed a screenshot with a name change too which seems odd, so perhaps the CS agent got the two mixed up?

They will change it to remove a middle name or to your preferred name and similar reasonable adjustments but not to something vanity, unless you get lucky and someone does it I guess.

This is certainly an example of a vanity link though.


@ndrw That’s exactly what it is. I have autism so I like things to be just so-so lol

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